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Teddy Bears Picnic Ideas – A pretty Teddy Bears Picnic Party

A Teddy Bears Picnic is one of those quintessential childhood party ideas. I can still remember the excitement of going to a Teddy Bears Picnic when I was about 4. There’s something really magical about bringing a special Teddy to a special picnic. If you are planning a Teddy Bears Picnic and looking for Teddy Bears Picnic ideas then read on.

teddy bears picnic themed party

Of course, the perfect venue for a Teddy Bears Picnic is outdoors. This pretty set up by The Posh Picnic Company in England is a perfect example of how gorgeous a Teddy Bears Picnic can be!

teddy bears picnic themed party
teddy bears picnic party

Remember to ask your guests to bring their favorite bears, small or large! You can even style the party with extra teddies to really bring the bear vibes to life!

ideas for teddy bears picnic

And little teepees or wigwams add to the fun. Plus they encourage the children to explore and have some fun away from the main party table. After all, what is more fun than a game of hide and seek with your teddy!

Indoor Teddy Bears Picnic Party Ideas

teddy bears themed party table

If it’s the wrong time of year for an outdoor picnic, don’t let that stop you! Another example of a gorgeous setup, The Posh Picnic Company has created an adorable indoor Teddy Bears picnic. Go for a simple color scheme of red and white. Add in some greenery and gingham for a pretty but rustic feel.

teddy bears picnic party idea

Low tables or crates are perfect for little ones. Add comfy cushions for color and comfort. Plus a big rug or picnic blanket under the table is a lovely touch!

indoor bear picnic party setup

So, if you are planning a Teddy Bears Picnic, I hope these gorgeous ideas have inspired you. Outdoors or indoors, a Teddy Bears Picnic is really a party to remember!

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