Girl’s Birthday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old

Childhood is full of wonder, not to mention magic!  Turning 5 is an age many want to celebrate in a big way!  This is because, it is the time where they start to become more independent, possibly start school, and are no longer a “little kid.”  It is a special time for parents too and often parties are planned! If you have a little lady who is celebrating a birthday soon, here are some girl’s birthday party ideas for a 5 year old!

Original Girls Birthday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old

Under the Sea Party

under the sea party
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For fans of mermaids, the ocean, and also other sea creatures, an Under The Sea party is the perfect party theme!  Create an underwater oasis with not just blue hues but also with shells, sea horses, and pearl accents.  Finally, if it is warm out, have a pool party, it will surely be a whale of a time!   

Rainbow Party

girls birthday party ideas
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A Rainbow themed party is always a colorful event! Little girls love rainbows, so why not incorporate them into your party theme for a pretty, fun setting. Ask your guests to wear their brightest rainbow colors. And decorate with rainbow balloons and pretty tablecloths to really get this theme shimmering.

Ballet Bash

ballet party

Do you have a budding ballerina? If so, a ballet themed party is perfect for any little girl who loves to dance!  Consider having a dance instructor live or via Zoom to teach the attending dancers some moves.  In addition, as a craft, have everyone make their own tutus using tulle and ribbon. Not into ballet? Generally speaking, any genre of dance can become a fantastic theme! 

Circus Party

A circus-themed party will be exciting for everyone!  Have guests practice their juggling skills or pretend to be a tight rope walker, while enjoying circus snacks like popcorn!  Chose red and white as your party colors and don’t forget balloons!

Fairy Party

fairy party for 5 year old

If your little girl is enthralled with fairies, then consider a Fairy themed party. Dress up or make your own fairy wings. And have the children make their own fairy gardens as a fun party activity.

Alice in Wonderland Party

alice in wonderland themed party
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If your little girl loves a tea party, then an Alice in Wonderland party is a great idea. Put in pretty dresses, get out the best china and enjoy a quirky, fun afternoon. Check out our Alice In Wonderland party feature for more ideas.

Princess Party

Girls Birthday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old

It is common for little girls to want to be princesses, so why not have it as a theme?  Pink and sparkling décor, as well as asking guests to wear their favorite princess dress, will add to the fun!  As an activity, have guests create their own crowns or make up a princess dance. It will of course feel like a true princess ball!

Painting Party

painting party ideas
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If you don’t mind a bit of mess, then a Painting Party is a great fun idea for little girls (and boys too). Just remember to ask them to wear old clothes and provide some good aprons! Set them up with mini canvases and paint palettes. Then let their imagination run wild! You could even have a mini gallery tour at the end of the party!

Spa Day

If your little girl loves to be pampered, think about having a spa birthday party!  Facials, together with pedicures would be a great activity for the birthday girl and her guests! Think about also doing their hair and adding a little bit of makeup for extra excitement. It would surely be a relaxing and special time!

Animal Party

safari party ideas
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If your little girl dreams of being a vet or is an animal lover, an animal-themed party will be a roaring good time!  Look into if you have a local petting zoo that can bring animals to your party. This is a wonderful day to not only see animals up close but also learn more about them. You could also watch videos from a zoo.  Décor could not only include animal prints like leopard and zebra but also balloon animals.

Disney Character Party

aloha moana birthday

From a Moana party to a Frozen party there are so many options for a Disney themed party!  Have the birthday girl pick her favorite movie, then start getting creative!  Firstly, think about party favors. Followed by food and lastly games, all inspired by that character. You could even go “old school” and have a Minnie or Mickey theme party!

Craft Party

craft party ideas for 5 year olds

Some little ladies are super creative and love to DIY!  Therefore, a craft theme party is a great idea and a way to get everyone involved.  For instance, have everyone make their own item or work together to build something grand like a house or a set.  As a favor, give each guest a small paint pallet or something they can decorate at home like a frame or memory box. Keep it simple and focus on having fun rather than making something amazing!

Science Rules

A science theme party is a way to learn something new, but also have fun!  For example, have the little scientists conduct experiments during the party or work together to build a robot or a volcano.  Also, you could have the group make their own slime, which doubles as a gift to take home too!

Unicorn Party

girls birthday party ideas
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Unicorns are a recent favorite theme for little girls everywhere!  Play pin the tail on the unicorn while wearing fun unicorn headbands.  Add some fun pastel-colored decorations for a more mystical feel!  

Garden Party

garden party for girls

A garden theme is perfect for the little girl who loves flowers, butterflies and nature in general!  Activity ideas include having guests plant seeds into little flower pots or perhaps have them create their own butterfly craft.  Lots of greenery and flowers make the perfect decorations.  If the weather is nice, think about hosting the party in a garden.

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Girls Birthday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old – Final Note

Little girls tend to have big imaginations so anything can really become a theme to remember!  Consider what she enjoys and loves and go from there.  Hope these girl’s birthday party ideas for a 5 year old help spark some ideas.  Enjoy this magical time with your princess and check out these sweet ideas for 5th birthday wishes for your little one!

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