5th birthday party ideas

5th Birthday Party Ideas For A Fun and Easy Party

When your child turns a “whole hand” old, it is a very exciting age for them and you!  Five is a time where your little one is becoming more independent, likely in school and has their own personality blossoming.  Children this age are capable of doing much more on their own and are more coordinated and able to play with others.  Perhaps you are wondering what to do to celebrate such an awesome age. If so, keep reading below for our 5th birthday party ideas for a fun and easy party your 5-year-old will love!

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General 5th Birthday Party Ideas Tips

While planning a 5th birthday party, keep in mind some parents will still chose to attend the party as this age is still young.  Pick activities that will keep the kids entertained but won’t take too long to complete so they stay interested.  Planning a party around 2 hours is perfect for 5-year-olds and any time of the day is appropriate. Keep the party snacks healthy and fun. For more tips on how to plan a children’s party, check out this post.  

5th Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Party

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In short, a dinosaur theme party never gets old as children always tend to be drawn to these prehistoric creatures.  Firstly, create a Jurassic jungle in your house with faux palm leaves or cut them out out of paper.  Secondly, place dinosaur toys around your food and cake table and have your guests play pin the tale on the T-Rex.  Lastly, if you have a sandbox, get the kids to go digging for dinosaur bones or paint their own dinosaur eggs.  Either way, it will be a dino-mite party! 

Under The Sea Party

5th birthday party ideas
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For little ones who love sharks, whales or mermaids, in essence, an under the sea party theme is a great choice!  Incorporate sea shells, sea horses and lots of blue into your décor for a real under water feel.  Hints of turquoise, pinks and rose gold will brighten your space much like coral does in the ocean.  In warmer months, play games like balloon water toss or have guests play in a pool or sprinkler to cool off. 

Another create activity idea for an Under the Sea party is sand art. You could make sand pictures or colored sand art bottles. And if the children are on the younger side, then set up a few sand play activities.

Finally, serve star fish cookies or a cake decorated like the beach for all to enjoy.

Zoo Party

Animals are always a hit when it comes to kids!  If you live near a local zoo or wildlife conservation area, consider hosting your child’s birthday party there.  Your guests will not only adore watching various animals but will learn a lot too.  Another idea is to look into a “Zoo to You” type company where an organization will bring animals to your home to teach everyone about them.  It will be a wild party!

Tea Party

A tea party is a fun idea for a birthday party.  Children have such grand imaginations, so invite guests to dress up, bring their favorite stuffed animal and attend a tea party in honor of your child.  Serve fancy little sandwiches and fruit juice in tea cups.  For added fun, have each guests decorate their own cup to bring home. You could also put a Alice in Wonderland spin on the party.  Don’t forget, pinkies up!

Circus Theme

With amazing acts and delicious snacks, who doesn’t like the circus?  A circus themed birthday party would include a red, white and gold color scheme, lots of balloons and perhaps a tent.  In addition, serve circus snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and pretzels to you guests. Prepare games that mimic circus performances like a tight rope walk competition or see who can juggle the longest.  Also, hire a clown to come and perform for added laughs!   

Paw Patrol Party

paw patrol themed party

Every parent knows the excitement that comes with planning a birthday party for their little one. It’s a chance to create cherished memories and celebrate the joy they bring into our lives. When it comes to choosing a theme, “Paw Patrol” stands out as a stellar option that ticks all the boxes. This beloved animated series has captured the hearts of children worldwide, and for good reason. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why a Paw Patrol themed birthday party is a surefire way to bring smiles, laughter, and lasting memories to your child’s special day.

Pirate Party

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Arrr Matey!  One of our other 5th birthday party ideas is having a pirate party.  Have guests find their sea legs with a pirate themed obstacle course like “walking the plank” using a balance beam.  You could also give them a treasure map to follow to find a treasure chest of goodies.  The perfect craft to start the party would be have everyone design their own pirate hat or pirate ship flag.  Lastly, decorate with skull and cross bones, blue to represent the sea and gold coins for some real pirate flare!

Bouncy Castle

If you are planning a backyard birthday party but are wanting something more to add to it, consider a bouncy castle! These are inflatable and can be super fun.  Make sure you have enough space for one in your yard.  In addition, ensure rules are given to guests prior to using it about the number of children and adults allowed at a time etc. for safety.  After set up, enjoy!

Ice Cream Party

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  An ice cream party is a cool way to celebrate a 5th birthday.  Have the party at a retro ice cream parlor or have the kids make their own at home using a ice cream machine.  Similarly, purchase different types of ice cream and toppings and let your everyone make their own ice cream sundaes to enjoy.  No matter what it will be delicious!

Pokémon Party

A Pokémon party is a terrific idea for any boy or girl who loves Pikachu and the gang.  Have guests go through Pokémon trainer camp by completing different activities related to the show.  You could also have them design their own Pokémon or draw and color pictures of fan favorites.  If your little one is into video games, download Pokémon Go and go on adventure.  Gotta Catch ‘Em All!    

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5th Birthday Party Ideas Conclusion

Turning five is such an exciting age and may be the first birthday party your child truly will remember.  It is such a fun age, therefore any of the above ideas will surely make it memorable for them and their guests. 

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