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The Best Dinosaur Cakes – Fun Ideas For Your Dinosaur Party

Do you have a party coming up and are looking for a theme? You can honestly never go wrong with a dinosaur-themed party when it comes to kids! Dinosaurs have fascinated both children and adults alike for centuries and are as diverse as the people who love them. Often a party includes a delicious cake, so we have put together the best dinosaur cakes to give you some inspiration for your party.

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Dinosaur Cake Ideas

Below are some fun ideas for your dinosaur cake!

Dinosaur Shaped Cake

A dinosaur-shaped cake is both unique and super cool! If your little one has a favorite dinosaur, then choose a cake shape based on that. Add details like spikes and spots and features like grass and ferns for more of a WOW factor. These cakes are so awesome, it may be hard to serve them to your guests. Therefore, ensure you take lots of pictures of the masterpiece.

Whether a brontosaurus, triceratops, or a T-Rex-shaped cake, it will surely be a topic of conversation at the party!

dinosaur cake idea
Photo credit A Piece of Cake

Scary Dinosaur Cake Ideas

Does your kiddo dream of being a dinosaur expert and isn’t afraid of dinosaurs? Then these cake designs may be a perfect choice! Each of these showcases a ferocious dinosaur baring its’ teeth.

t-rex cake ideas
Photo credit G Cake Studio

You can choose to feature just a head, allowing details to really shine, or opt for having a full-body dinosaur as a cake topper. Add some green frosting and leaf details and you have yourself an amazing cake!

dinosaur cakes ideas
Photo credit Hadassah Hine

For Little Ones

Dinosaurs don’t have to be scary, in fact, they can also be adorable. These cake ideas certainly prove that! If you have a child who is turning one or two, these cakes are simply sweet both figuratively and literally!

dinosaur cake not scary
Photo credit Little Miss OC

Each dinosaur has a smile and big doe eyes which add innocence to the cake. Baby on the way? Then either of these two dinosaur cakes would fit beautifully into a dinosaur-themed baby shower.

cute dinosaur cake ideas
Photo credit Little Miss OC

To get this look, firstly pick soft colors like pastels. Secondly, add cute cartoon like dinosaurs. Thirdly, finish the cake by adding details like foliage, trees, and flowers. Voila, you have yourself the perfect cake for the little dino in your life!

cute dinosaur cake
Photo credit Jen Sweet Treats

Dinosaur Egg Art Cake

Looking for something a little more abstract but still on the dinosaur theme? Check out this neat dinosaur cake. This cake is fun and colorful. The dinosaur eggs add a 3D effect to the cake, meanwhile, the green, yellow and blue splashes of color give this cake a painted look. In addition, the metal dinosaur silhouette topper is both simple and artistic!

Multi-Dino Cake

Sometimes it is hard to pick just one favorite dinosaur! If that is the case, consider having a cake that features several dinosaurs.

dinosaur themed cake idea
Photo credit Isla and Tyas

These multi-dinosaur cakes make dessert come to life with several figurines in addition to all of the other details like the trees and the cave. It is like a scene from a book or movie!

Topping your cake with plastic dinosaurs from the local toy store act as both the perfect decoration and wonderful toys to play with later!

Slab Cake

Not all dinosaur cakes have to be round or in the shape of a dinosaur. A traditional slab cake can give you a canvas to do so much! Create your own dinosaur world using different elements and toppings which can transform your cake into both a dig site and the Jurassic jungle like this cake!

chocolate dinosaur cake
Photo credit Ami Carmody Young Natives

Looking for something more simple? Place an edible photo in the center of your cake of your child’s favorite dinosaur. The ideas are endless!

Dinosaur Cupcakes

A dinosaur cake is awesome, but another idea is to serve dinosaur cupcakes! Cupcakes are a great way to easily ensure everyone gets one and of course, no cutting or plates required! Not to mention, each cupcake could feature a different dinosaur or item from the dinosaur world like dinosaur eggs, volcanoes or footprints!

dinosaur cupcakes ideas
Photo credit Flavor Cupcakery

Chose icing that fits with your color scheme to help tie your theme together. Additionally, make different cupcake flavors and have fun naming the flavors like Velociraptor Vanilla or Cretaceous Carrot.

dinosaur cupcakes
Photo credit Indulgent Baking

Basically speaking, have fun and get as creative as you want!

Dinosaur Cake Conclusion

In short, if you are hosting a dinosaur-themed party for a birthday, baby shower, or just because, there are so many cake ideas out there to choose from! A dinosaur cake can be simple or elaborate, small or large. Cupcakes are also a great alternative too for a dessert!

If you are looking for more dinosaur party ideas, don’t forget to check out our dinosaur party post here. For all other party ideas, click here. We hope you enjoy these dinosaur cakes! They are dino-mite!

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