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Period Party Ideas How to Throw a First Moon Party

When puberty progresses and the first period occurs, there are many different ways that it is addressed that can vary between families and even in different cultures. A period party or a first moon party, friends and the women from the family gather to have a party that celebrates this moment in a girl’s life. Read on for our favorite period party ideas.

What is a Period Party?

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A period party is a party that gathers friends or family to celebrate someone’s first period. This marks the beginning of becoming an adult and is surrounded by many changes to the body and to life. Rather than to make this moment a scary or upsetting one, many people have begun to have parties and make it into a positive experience. As people push back against the stigmas attached and the embarrassment that can be felt at this stage, using a party to create a positive experience and move the conversations and experiences into regular conversations with others can help to ease the transitions.

These parties can take many forms and involve different approaches. Some will have a small party with just close family members. Others with only women family members, and still others will invite friends as well. They can be large events with food and drinks, decorations, and even gifts. Or small parties with just mother and daughter having a cupcake or ice cream and bonding over the shared experience. The type of party will be dependant on what will fit best for the guest of honour as well as the personalities and preferences of the family supporting them.

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With many approaches, some will celebrate with red foods, decorated cakes and cupcakes, and red decorations. While others will focus on marking the date as moving towards adulthood and focus on the interests and potential of the guest of honour.

What is a Period Party Called?

A period party can be called a few things, and people will create their own names and even themes for them, but some are more common than others. Some of the most commonly used names are Period Party, First Moon Party, Red Tent Party and even Red Party. Others may call them a Wombmanhood Party, and still others do not have a name for them. But they do follow traditions over what meals to eat, having conversations about it, or buying gifts to make the experience more positive.

Who is Invited to a Period Party?

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It is important to create the guest list based upon the comfort level of the guest of honour. Think about who she cares about and who she would want to spend time with. It is most common for the mom to be the one who plans and hosts the party. They will often invite other women in the family, as well as younger siblings or cousins who will one day have a period party of their own. Some will invite best friends of both the guest of honour and the hostess, as a way for the younger guests too find guidance and support form the older guests who have more experience with them.

Some families will also invite the father and brothers, as a way to show that there is no need to hide it from the other members of the family. This allows everyone to show their support and care during this moment. Guest lists should always be guided by the needs and preferences of the person the party is for. And in some cases, there can be joint parties for a group of friends as they all take this step. Some will find that their friends begin there’s around the same age, making it easier to help each other and to open the conversation.

What Do You Do at a Period Party?

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There are limitless period party ideas. There is sure to be food, some of it themed for a period, others themed towards celebrating the person whom the party is for. Games can be played, some around learning about the period products and how to choose one. Others around who knows the most about the guest of honour, and still others that are just fun and age appropriate. Even if a theme is being followed it is not necessary that each factor fit that theme.

Some themed food includes period product shaped cupcakes or decorated cakes. Red velvet cake is popular, as well as cupcakes, and even red jello and cranberry juice may be featured. Others will use ice cream cake or sundaes that people can enjoy.

Guests can bring gifts of period products, encouraging the trial of a few different brands and styles until the right fit can be found. Parents will often gift menstrual cups, journals, pads, tampons, and even bathing suits or period panties. Using this opportunity to discuss the different options, what to expect, and to ensure any questions are answered, is a way to remove the stigma that surrounds the experience.

Why Have a Period Party?

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Period parties have become popular as a way to make it a part of regular conversation. And to move it from an experience that many try to avoid discussing into something that is easily discussed with friends and family, to create open lines of conversation, and to offer support during these changes. This shift in attitudes towards the process is making it easier for girls and families to talk about it, for people who menstruate to learn what is normal and what is not, what to expect, when to discuss concerns with a doctor, and to make it more comfortable. This is a necessary part of life for a large portion of the population, and it should be one that is accepted, expected, and normalized.

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