Dinosaur Party – Stylish Dinosaur Themed Party for a 5-year-old

Dinosaurs are often a favorite party theme when it comes to little ones because kids (and adults) find dinosaurs so cool and fascinating! It is a theme that can be used from little kids to teens and beyond. There are also so many ways to incorporate the theme into your party! We hope you feel inspired by this stylish 5th birthday dinosaur themed party by Hip Hip Events. Keep reading to see how they made this party Dino-Mite!

Dinosaur Decorations

Dinosaurs don’t have to be scary, they can be fun! Hip Hip Events chose green and blue as their main colors with a touch of orange, making the party vibe bright ad cheery! Throughout the party, the color scheme is evident and ties together nicely throughout their décor.

dinosaur party
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

A balloon arch is always a great choice when it comes to decorations and can really highlight a focal point of the party like a dessert table. The giant leaves around the space really make you feel like you are in the jungle.

dinosaur party styling ideas
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

Another great touch is placing miniature dinosaurs around the tables and cake stand. The kids will be excited to point out their favorite! Additionally, the frame pictures on the wall and this fun garland add to the atmosphere.

dinosaur party food table styling
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

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The Dinosaur Cake

This birthday cake by The Cuppa Cakery is absolutely Dino-Riffic! Not only does it match the color theme of the party, but the details on this cake are stellar. From the dinosaurs face to the spikes on his back, he looks awesome!

dinosaur party cake-
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

The cake is almost too cute to eat! There are other sweet treats in addition to the cake at this dinosaur party.

dinosaur party table with balloons
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

The golden eggs, the colorful macaroons and those cupcakes all look delicious!

dinosaur party stylish ideas
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

The Table and Favors

Your party guests need a place to enjoy the cake so why not incorporate the table as part of the theme too! The large palm leaves as centerpieces, along with the small baskets of greenery give the table more of a Jurassic jungle feel in addition to the placemats.

dinosaur party table ideas
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

To help prevent sitting chaos, these adorable bags by Make It Friday act as both their name place cards and party favor. These bags are durable as well, so can be enjoyed long after the party!

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Last but certainly not least, the food table! A display of yummy snacks is perfect for any hungry dinosaur. Whether your guests are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, there is something for everyone. This charcuterie board looks amazing and the various fresh breads and oils to dip it in is a great snack! The plant décor adds some color along with the olives.

party food table
Photo Credit: Mireya Gonzalez

Dinosaur Party Summary

To conclude, a dinosaur party theme is always a hit! This stylish dinosaur 5th birthday party by Hip Hip Events is cheerful, adorable and super fun! All the details really bring the party to life and would excite any guest.

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If you are looking for dinosaur cake ideas, visit our post here. For more party ideas, click here. Thank you Hip Hip Events for these wonderful ideas!

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