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How to throw an Escape Room Party at home – DIY Escape Room ideas

What is an Escape Room Party?

escape room diy for kids

Put simply, a DIY Escape Room Party is an Escape Room set up in your own home. Think games, puzzles, and challenges. Plus a good helping of fun, competition and suspense! Then get all of your friends together for a couple of hours to remember! If you don’t have a traditional Escape Room local to you, or you prefer to party at home, then an Escape Room Party at home is the perfect idea.

Depending on how many guests you have, the kids play in teams of two or more. They work in teams to solve puzzles and clues to solve the mystery of your chosen theme.

Undoubtedly, an Escape Room Party at home is a lot of fun and is an original party idea for teens and younger kids alike.

What are the best themes for an Escape Room Party?

Of course, there are so many fun themes to choose from for your DIY Escape Room Party.

Firstly, consider the ages of your guests so that the theme is suitable for them!

time travel escape room game kit

Around 7 years is probably to youngest age that a DIY Escape room is suited to. And children that age will need a fun theme that is age appropriate. We love the Time Travel Escape Quest game for this age range (7-9). Based on a Time Travel theme, players work together to solve the puzzles and clues from each era to fix the time machine before the hungry dinosaur gets you! We played this with our family, including our 6 year old, and he absolutely loved it!

Escape room kit winter theme for kids

Another great theme for slightly older kids (8-12) is this magical winter themed Escape Room Kit called Frost. The kids will race in teams of 2-4 to solve puzzles and challenges to complete the trials of the Winter Faire.

Egypt themed escape room kit

If your kids are slightly older (10+), then this Ancient Egypt themed Escape Room kit is a heap of fun! With the Lost Mummy Egypt Adventure your guests get to explore the world of the ancient Egyptians and solve the mystery of the Lost Mummy.

escape room kit for kids

And if you are planning an Escape Room party for teens, then a Spy theme is always a winner! This kit, called Rebel Revolt, is a daring spy thriller, perfect for ages 14+.

How do I make my house an Escape Room?

If you use one of these ready made Escape Room kits, then transforming your house into an Escape Room is pretty straightforward.

Choose a room of your house that has enough room for all of your guests and space for the clues. If there is a table in the room, that is great, even a coffee table. If not, your teams can work on the floor. Clear away any clutter so that the focus of the room is the clues and the games.

Most Escape Room kits have fun printable posters which you can use to decorate your space and really make your Escape Room theme come alive.

How do I set up for an Escape Room Party at home?

escape room kits for kids

Simply download and print out an Escape Room kit which will include all of the puzzles, challenges and posters you will need for your party. Follow the kit instructions for where to place them and you are ready to go!

With these kits from Lock Paper Scissors, you can even customize your kit to include personal details like your kids name if you want to!

DIY Escape Room Party Ideas

Time Travel Escape Quest

Lost Mummy Egypt Adventure

Frost Winter Themed Adventure

Rebel Revolt Spy Theme

Murder Mystery Theme (for over 16s)

Zombie Theme (for over 16s)

The Best Escape Room Party ideas – final note

If you are looking for something different for your child’s birthday, then an Escape Room at home is a really fun and original idea.

Actual Escape Rooms can be scary. I took my daughter and her friends to one for her 14th birthday party and there was LOTS of screaming!

So next time round, we will certainly be setting one up at home! And with these easy to use Escape Room kits, having an Escape Room party at home has really never been easier!

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