bunny baby shower

Bunny and Friends Party- The cutest Bunny party EVER!

rabbit baby shower

I absolutely adore this set up for this Bunny and Friends Party by Ms Laine Events. And this is such a sweet theme and just beautifully styled.

How cute are the little rabbits and woodland animals! This party is for a 100 Day Baby Celebration but would work equally well for a Bunny Baby Shower. Above all, I love the gentleness of the theme. Even the lighting is soft and diffused with some twinkly fairy lights behind a sheer curtain. This sets a perfect scene for a Baby celebration!

rabbit baby shower cake

The Details…

Party Type: 100 Day Party

Color Scheme: Soft pink, purple, and peach

Favorite Décor Ideas:

  • I love the fairy lights behind a sheer curtain to create a really soft diffused light.
  • In addition, the fondant icing animals on the cupcakes are super cute!
  • Meanwhile, the use of plain white cake stands and plates to make sure the cakes really take center stage.
  • A hot air balloon on top of the large cake adds a sweet and magical touch.
  • Also, the balloon arch in soft matte shades to take the color scheme from the food through to the décor. I love the addition of the silver confetti-filled balloons in the arch which add a touch of sparkle.
  • Lastly, the use of Bunny soft toys and wicker baskets in the styling. Simple, but very effective in enhancing the theme.

rabbut cupcakes for baby shower

Gorgeous Food Ideas:

  • Cake pops with woodland animal faces.
  • Fondant iced cupcakes with the sweetest animals on top.
  • Layered cake with ombre icing and Baby’s name in gold lettering.

rabbit cake pops

Theme Tips:

  • First off, keep the color scheme soft, gentle and pastel.
  • Next, create beautiful lighting with diffused fairy lights.
  • Also, carry the color scheme through from the food into the décor.
  • Use a balloon arch in matching colors to extend the theme and give height.
  • Finally, use cute soft toys to add to the styling.

To conclude, a big Thank You to Ms. Laine Events for this beautifully stunning party set up, I am in Bunny Party heaven!

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