8th birthday party ideas

8th Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Children’s Party

Turning eight is super great! Even though they are creeping up toward being a tween, they are still little enough to be excited about birthday parties and hanging out with parents. If you are looking for a special way to commemorate your child’s 8th birthday, keep reading.  Here are some of our 8th birthday part ideas to ensure the best children’s party. 

8th Birthday Party Ideas

At this age your child’s attention span and focus has improved therefor it is so much easier for them to participate in a variety of activities.  They are also starting to be able to read independently, have their own interests and have their own friends.  Keep this in mind when planning their 8th birthday party.  

Party Games

8th birthday party ideas

A birthday party full of party games is a terrific choice when it comes to ways to celebrate.  Party games will encourage everyone to participate, laugh and have fun! See who is the most flexible with Twister or test their patience with Jenga.  You could also keep it old school with traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey, hide and seek and musical chairs. A party full of party games sounds pretty awesome!

Rainbow Party

rainbow party for girls
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It is safe to say that rainbows are a favorite of many children.  Whether because they have a magical quality, are beautiful to look at with so many colors or are just simply cool, rainbows are awesome!  A rainbow party would be inclusive and bright and cheery theme, a perfect vibe for a birthday.  Hang streamers in a rainbow pattern by your cake table, serve rainbow colored snacks in different colored containers and create the ultimate rainbow with a balloon arch!  It will be one beautiful party!

Slime Making Party

slime party

Get your Slime party started with a “Slime Lab” where the kiddos mix up their very own colorful concoctions. Set up different stations with glitter, beads, and even glow-in-the-dark options for that extra wow factor. Then, hold a “Slime Olympics” with contests like the “Stretchiest Slime” and “Biggest Bubble.” Of course, don’t forget the slime-inspired snacks like “Slime Popcorn” (green popcorn with a touch of edible glitter) and “Slime Jello Cups” with gummy worms wriggling on top. See our best Slime party ideas here.

Birthday Hike

birthday hike ideas

If your child loves the outdoors and being adventurous, then consider hosting a birthday hike!  Firstly, chose a location.  Make sure it is the appropriate level of difficulty for those attending.  Secondly, plan out equipment and supplies needed.  This could range from snacks to full meals, sunscreen, bug spray, table cloths and picnic blankets.  Thirdly, plan additional activities to do while on the hike like a scavenger hunt.  Finally, meet your guests there (make sure they dress appropriately for the weather) and have a blast making memories together.  A birthday in nature will be one to remember!

Sonic The Hedgehog Themed Party

sonic party ideas

A Sonic the Hedgehog themed party is a sure fire hit for any young adventurer with a love for speed and excitement. Imagine their eyes lighting up as they step into a world filled with vibrant blue and gold decorations, echoing Sonic’s iconic style. The activities, from Sonic races to ring toss challenges, promise boundless energy and laughter. And let’s not forget the delectable Sonic-themed treats, guaranteed to satisfy any budding hero’s appetite.

Trampoline Park

A newer place to hold birthday parties these days are at trampoline parks!  Places such as Sky Zone are popping up all over the world where people of all ages can enjoy the fun of trampolines, foam pits and other entertaining attractions.  These locations often have party rooms and staff to help with set up, serving and clean up.  Additionally, your birthday boy or girl and their friends will have a blast jumping around together.  Play some fun trampoline games and they will be jumping for joy to celebrate their birthday at a trampoline park!       

Magic Show

Who doesn’t love magic?  Another one of our 8th birthday party ideas is to hire a magician to attend your child’s party.  Magicians are usually charismatic and can mesmerize their audience, keeping them entertained.  Your 8-year-old and their friends will be excited to see tricks happen and wonder how the magician did that.  Perhaps they may learn a magic trick or two themselves to try.  It will surely be a magical memory for all!       

Escape Room

Egypt themed escape room kit

Escape rooms have become quite popular over recent years.  They are a great way to work together to solve a mystery by trying to complete puzzles and look for clues.  One idea is to take the birthday party to an Escape room venue.  However, you can also make one in your own home using this amazing Escape Room Kit.  The Time Travel Escape Quest is simple to set up at home.  All you need to do is download the instructions and game materials, print and follow the instructions on how to set up.  Once the little sleuths arrive, it will be time to try and escape together while having so much fun! Good luck!

Video Game Party

ideas for gaming party

Gaming parties have become a wildly popular way to celebrate special occasions, captivating the hearts of both kids and adults alike. These high-energy gatherings transform living rooms into virtual playgrounds, offering an interactive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional celebrations. From competitive races in Mario Kart to epic battles in Super Smash Bros., the selection of games is as diverse as the guests themselves. A gaming party not only fosters friendly competition but also encourage teamwork and camaraderie, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Movie Theatre

Most 8-year-olds are able to focus and sit through a movie.  Instead of hosting a movie at home, take the party goers to the big screen!  This is a great idea for a small group of movie lovers.  Choose a film that is appropriate and interesting to your birthday child and their friends.  Have fun making predictions on how it will end before it starts and then discuss the movie after and see who was the closest.  Don’t forget to hit up the concession stand for that delicious popcorn.  A movie theatre birthday party will definitely be “Two Thumbs Up.”

Painting Party

painting party for 4th birthday
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A painting party is perfect for any young one who enjoys arts and crafts and letting their creative juices flow! When hosting a painting party, the first thing to do is decide what exactly will be painted.  Will each guests get their own canvas or item to paint or will they all paint something together like a mural?  Next, if painting a canvas, decide what image will be painted.  One idea is to have everyone paint the same thing by either following a video or instructor.  It will be neat to see how each child puts their own unique take on the image.  Another idea is to just let the guests paint what they wish.  Ensure you have enough supplies for everyone and get painting.  Don’t forget to take a photo of the art after!

8th Birthday Party Ideas Summary

As your child grows up, coming up with new and exciting ideas to celebrate may get tricky, especially as they may have their own ideas.  Therefore, we hope these 8th birthday party ideas help in that department and aide in giving your child a birthday party to remember!  Whether you keep it small with a few close friends or invite the whole class, these ideas will surely mean a fun time for all.  If you are looking for more party ideas, please check out our other posts here. Enjoy planning and celebrating your 8-year-old!   

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