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The Top 10 Best Party Games for Kids

Are you planning a children’s party? Maybe you’re looking for fun birthday party games for kids. No matter the occasion, there are so many great kiddie games out there – some old and some new. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite kids party games that are perfect for the kiddos, whether they’re just turning two or twelve!

Every child loves to celebrate their birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by having a party? Fun, friends and party food! And of course, all children love to play games. You can use these games at your party or you can play them at home just for fun. Either way, they will be sure to entertain.

Fun Party Games for Children

1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This classic kids game is sure to delight any kid! plus it is simple and fun! No matter what your skill level, it’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this game.

2. Musical Chairs

One of the most popular children’s games around, this one has players hopping around until there are no more chairs left to stand on! Speed the music up until only one player is left standing without a chair.

3. Pass the Parcel

Now, this is a kiddie game that everyone loves. Pass it on to someone else in the circle when you unwrap it without opening it. When the music stops, only then do you open it up and see who gets what prize inside! This can work for kids of all ages, find something your teens or tweens will like as a prize and it works great for older kids too! We played Pass the Parcel at my daughters 15th birthday party with cosmetic gifts and the girls loved it!

4. Duck, Duck, Goose

kiddies party games

The game calls for one “duck” who hides while all the other players sit in a circle around the hiding place. When the “goose” calls “duck, duck, goose”, all players must run around until they find who is sitting in their original spot when it was called “duck”.

5. Hide and Seek.

A classic kids party game but a good one! Play in teams for added fun! And if you have a big outdoor space to play in, all the better!

6. Jenga

Older kids love Jenga! Play in teams or have a few games running at the same time. Kids love the giant version so if you have one of those then all the better!

7. Charades

Charades is a game of miming, usually with each player being assigned a word to act out. The game is best played in teams of two or more children. One person will give clues to the other players who will then try to guess what’s being acted out. The first player will act out the word without using words. Play continues until someone guesses correctly or all players are “out.”

8. Twister

Kids love this fun game! Twister is a game where you need to place your hands and feet on the circles marked on the mat. Oftentimes, it ends in hilarity and lots of tangled little bodies!

9. Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic game that is easy to learn and quick to play. Players stand in a circle and each player has a turn to be “it.” “It” stands in the center and says, “Simon says do this (e.g., put your hands on your head)”. If the player does what “It” says, they stay in the game. If not, they are out of the game.

10.  Sardines

Sardines is a fun variation on Hide and Seek. The only difference is that once the hider is found, the seekers hide with them until there is just one seeker left trying to find all of the other kids who are now hiding!

11. Rope jumping

Use an extra long rope for these fun rope games. Our favourite is a simple “last one standing” game. Each child take it in turns to jump the rope which is progressively getter faster. If they do it, they stay in the game, if they don’t they are out. Keep playing until you have a winner!

12. Egg and Spoon Race

A old fashioned classic, play with real eggs for added suspense which older kids will love. Or swap out the eggs for bean bags for the younger party guests. 

13. Bubble Wands

games to play at children's party

Not strictly a game, but most kids love a bubble wand! You could have a buddle popping competition, or just let them run wild creating huge bubbles.

14. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt can take a while to set up, but is a great game that often takes quite a bit of time at a children’s party. Set out your clues and get your guests to work in teams to solve them. You can theme it to your party and have a prize for the winners.

15. Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Similar to a treasure hunt, but in a scavenger hunt, guests are given a list of things to find. This works really well in an outdoor party setting, for example a park or woodland. You can use a nature inspired theme to have the guests hunting for all kinds of goodies.

16. Relay Race

Another fun kids party game that encourages team work is a relay race. Make it funny by getting them to pass an item of fancy dress between the runners, for example a funny wig or hat.

17. Water Balloons

childrens party game ideas water balloons

Everyone loves water balloons and on a hot day this is a great kids party activitiy. Have a water balloon toss to see who can throw them the farthest, or get them to aim at a target for points.

18. Piñata

Another classic, a pinata can be a great game to have towards the end of a party. Consider adding your sweet party favors to the pinata, the children get them once the pinata opens.

19. Balloon Pop

Blow up a stack of balloons and set your guests the challenge of popping as many as they can within a set time. Assign teams different colors and count them up at the end.

20. Sack Race

This is an old fashioned children’s party game, but still a favorite. Use pillowcases if sacks are hard to come by.

21. Sleeping Lions

A great party game for kids who have become over excited! Get them to pretend to be sleeping lions and be very still. One designated “hunter” walks around the room and tries to get them to move or laugh.

22. What’s the time Mr Wolf

A great party game for younger kids, they love the excitement of being chased by Mr Wolf! Take it to the next level with a wolf mask for added fun!

22. Hot Potato

This catching game can be played with a ball, bean bag or even a water balloon. The idea is to pass it on as quickly as possible without dropping it, imagining it is a hot potato.

23. Capture the Flag

This classic backyard game is great for an outdoors party. Split into 2 teams and try to “capture the flag” from the opposing team and get it back to your base without being caught.

24. Limbo

A fun party game with music, use a stick to have lowering limbo levels that the children dance under. 

25. Bean Bag Toss

This fun game is great for younger kids. Play in teams to throw colored bean bags towards a target, the team who get closest are the winners.

26. Balloon Waddle

This classic party game involves holding a balloon between your knees, and passing it to another member of your team. Set your teams up in lines and the winning team is the one to successfully pass the balloon all the way down the line without dropping it.

Party games for kids final note

Party games are an important part of social life for children. They help kids to learn how to interact with others, develop their communication skills and learn to take turns. Plus kids love to play games, especially during a party. If you are hosting a children’s party then consider playing some of the fun games we have shared!

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