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The Best Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

So, you’re at College and you wanna throw the most awesome dorm party ever. It can’t be run of the mill.

It can’t be the same old, same old. This party needs to kick ass and break ice, bring people together and make memories for all.

This needs to be creative, quirky and a hell of a lotta’ fun! That’s why it needs to be an “ANYTHING BUT A CUP PARTY”!

What is an Anything But A Cup party?

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Anything But A Cup is a cool party theme because it really doesn’t require too much effort on the part of your party guests, and yet it is still really fun and inventive.

Unlike some other college party themes which require full costumes to be created and great lengths to be taken, an Anything But A Cup party is just like a normal house party except no one is allowed to drink out of a cup.

That means no wine glasses, tumblers, mugs, tankards, plastic cups or traditional drinking vessels of any kind! So your party guests need to get creative with their drinking vessels!

What are Anything But A Cup party rules?

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There is one simple rule for an Anything But A Cup party – no cups allowed!

Other than this one simple rule, your Anything But A Cup party can proceed as a usual college party does. There is no need to have a particular music style playing, and people can wear whatever they feel comfortable and fabulous in.

As long as no alcoholic beverages or soft drinks are drunk from a cup – the party will have been a success!!

Planning an Anything But A Cup Party

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So, how do you plan an Anything But a Cup Party? You can set your party up with a classic party theme. Do the usual drinks table and music corner, but make sure you don’t have any cups laid out whatsoever.

Instead, be sure to inform your guests when you invite them that they must bring their own drinking vessel for the night and keep it with them throughout.

They can refill as often as they wish, they just cannot switch to a cup!

Tell guests to be as creative and outlandish as possible in their drinking vessel of choice.

Pro Tip: It is a great idea to offer a prize to the most insane alternative-cup idea on the night.

An even better idea is to make the prize a trophy, and make the winner drink from that for the remainder of the evening!

Quirky alternative-cup ideas will spark conversation, cause lots of laughter, and reveal something about each person. So go wild!

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Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

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If you have been invited to one of these fantastically themed parties and are struggling to think of what you can take to drink from, then fear not!

We have put together a list of the best alternative drinking vessel ideas ever, so you can get inspired and ready for your Anything But A Cup party!!

1. Rain Boot

First up, it’s the Wellington boot, and what an impactful choice this would be. Not only are Welly’s watertight, meaning your drink will not seep out the sides, they are also very voluminous, so you can get a whole lot in there at once!

2. A Shampoo Bottle

2. A Shampoo Bottle

Why not recycle your empty shampoo bottle and turn it into an ideal drinking vessel? Be sure to wash that baby out thoroughly first to avoid getting a mouth full of bubbles each time you drink. We recommend larger bottles with wide necks since pouring accurately can be tricky as the night progresses!

3. Plastic Dolls Head

It’s macabre, sure, but boy will this drinking vessel turn heads!

If you take a baby doll’s head and duct tape the neck so that it is watertight, you can then use a knife or scissors to lop off the scalp and drink straight out of the cranium.

4. Antique Milk Bottle

For a quick and easy option (if you’ve left things last minute) an old fashioned glass milk bottle works really well.

It’s a good size, and you have the benefit of being able to see exactly what you have got inside it. Don’t forget to take a straw to slurp with for this one!

5. A Frisbee

You are most likely to have a few spillages with this one, but boy will you get the respect of your peers!

You can lap your booze up like a dog with a bowl, and then use the frisbee for a quick game of catch in between. It’s multifunctional and fun!

6. A Traffic Cone

Quite where you would get your hands on one of these, we don’t know, but a classic traffic cone will stop people in their tracks.

Not only is it huge, so lots of room for refills, but it also has tons of novelty value. You will need to duct tape the narrow end to keep the liquids contained… or if you are brave, why not try covering the wide end and drinking through the tip!?

7. A Bucket And Spade

Bring a bit of the seaside with you to the party by choosing a bucket and space as your drinking vessel.

You can shovel ice with the spade and carry the bucket by its handle when you aren’t drinking from it!

8. Blood Bag

If you are (or happen to know) a medical student, then you might be able to get your hands on a blood bag and drip line.

You can fill it with booze and drip feed yourself all night via the sterilized tube. This choice works really well with red alcohol like punch or red wine.

9. Test Tube

Continuing along the sciencey lines for all you science majors, how about drinking from a test tube instead of a cup?!

Yes, you will only be able to fill up with small amounts at a time – but that’s no bad thing! You can savor the flavor and wake up with less of a hangover than everyone else! Prosecco and bubbly drinks work very well with this one!

10. Pots And Pans

Time for another option for you last minute-ers. Any kind of kitchen pot or pan is somehow very funny because they are large, wide rimmed and clumsy to drink from.

You’ll be able to scoop plenty of punch from the bowl with a saucepan, and you’ll be able to heat up some baked beans at the end of the night too. Win win!

11. Teapot

If you want to go all Alice in Wonderland then why not take a teapot to drink out of. You can use the pouring spout as your mouthpiece and hold the handle like you would usually. Plus, you’ll be able to serve others from your teapot too! Very vintage chic!

12. A Pineapple

12. A Pineapple

Ok, this one is really fruity and will make all your drinks taste delicious!

If you hollow out a whole pineapple, you will have created the most tropical drinking vessel of all time, and you can use the pineapple top as a cute little lid.

Take a straw and sip like you are in the Bahamas. This works really well if you are a fan of rum!

13. Bicycle Helmet

You will need to do some serious duct taping to make this idea work, but if you pull it off, you will be the talk of the town!

Not only can you drink to your heart’s content thanks to the depth and capacity of the bike helmet, but you can also wear the thing as an edgy fashion accessory.

14. Soap Dish

Sure, they seem like the type of thing that only grannies have lying around, but if you happen to have a soap dish to hand, you will discover that it makes an excellent shot glass.

Decorative, chic, and hygienic – you’ll be able to use it as a bathroom accessory after the party too!

15. Gasoline Job

If you wanna give this one a try you must always buy it new – using an old gas canister as a drinking vessel would not make for a very fun party.

These things are bright, lightweight, and have a handy funnel for drinking out of. You will feel fuelled up all night, and that’s guaranteed! 

16. Flower Pot

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For something a little more earthy, you could take a decorative flower pot as your drinking vessel of choice.

Make sure that it’s clean and soil free (that wouldn’t taste too great) and cover the drainage holes with duct tape. 

17. A Wastepaper Bin

If you are at college then you are sure to have a wastepaper bin under your desk, right? And now you will have the perfect opportunity to show it off to all your friends.

Mini trash cans are fun too! Just be sure you have a straw because the wide opening is a spillage waiting to happen.

18. A Brass Instrument

Think about it! Trumpets, tubas, trombones, and French horns all double fantastically as drink vessels!

If you cover the wide end you can drink from the mouth piece, and then make some sweet sweet music as the night progresses.

Ok, it’s an expensive thing to get wet, but if you can find a plastic toy version, then you are on to a winner.

19. Water Balloon

This one is a bold choice, and we definitely recommend that you take back ups in case your first water balloon splits, but we love the additional risk factor that this drinking vessel brings.

What is a house party without a little drama, right? And drinking from a water balloon will supply tension a plenty!

20. Toy Truck

Finally, a great use for your old toy pickup truck is to fill the hold with alcohol and drink from it.

It makes the mightiest of goblets. Bonus points will be given if the truck makes noises, and it should also be noted that toy boats and airplanes will all work beautifully too.

21. Fish Bowl

This ABC vessel idea may hold a lot of liquid so be careful with this one! Put a fish bowl to good use and take it with you.

22. Dog Bowl

Slightly yucky, but funny too, take your dog’s bowl as your chosen Anything But A Cup choice.

23. Vase

Another drinking vessel to be careful of how much you consume, a vase is another large scale idea.

24. Spray Bottle

You will have to be creative with how you get your drink in our mouth with this option, but a spray bottle is one your hosts may not be expecting.

25. Super Soaker Water Gun

One of the most fun Anything But A Cup ideas is this one, perfect if the party is outdoors and your buddies don’t mind getting a bit wet!

26. Toilet Plunger

So this ABC party idea is not for the faint hearted, but if you are feeling outlandish, how about a drink from a toilet plunger.

27. Viking Drinking Horn

This ABC party idea is especially fun if you have the Viking costume to match!

28. Ketchup Bottle

Cheap and easy, the ketchup bottle is a great go to when you are stuck at the last minute for what to take to your Anything But A Cup event. 

29. Soap Dispenser

You’ll want to make sure you wash this one out thoroughly, or better still buy a new one!

30. Coffee Pot

Easy to find in your kitchen, the coffee pot is a good bet.

31. Baby’s Bottle

If you don’t mind a bit of sucking through a teat, then why not go for a baby’s bottle!

32. Coconut

Half and empty a coconut for tropical vibes at your Anything But A Cup party!

33. Watermelon

Carefully half and scoop out the flesh of a watermelon and you have an all natural Anything But a Cup drinking vessel!

34. Champagne Magnum

Be careful with this one as it’s large, but you can make a grand entrance to your Anything But a Cup event with a magnum in your hand!

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Anything But A Cup Party – Final Thoughts

A No Cups Allowed party is a great way to make a house party or college party interesting without making it complicated.

Be bold and creative, and really have fun with your ideas. And remember, always drink responsibly!

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