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Encanto Party Ideas – 50 fabulous Encanto theme party ideas

 As Encanto has become popular with children and families it is finding it’s way into their everyday lives. Not only are they watching it but enjoying the characters on clothing cards, and other items, many of them well suited to an Encanto party. Great for birthday parties and end of the year celebrations, there are many great Encanto party ideas.

Our favorite Encanto Party Ideas

Have a Pretty Encanto Cake

encanto party cake
Photo credit Scotti Produções

One of our fave Encanto party ideas is a themed cake. You can easily order a cake from a local bakery or grocery store. Alternatively, you can bake a cake at home, confetti cake is always popular with kids and will fit the theme, and top it with colorful icing and Encanto figures on the top.

Set the theme with Encanto Invitations

Make your own, download and print some, or stop by your local party store and pick out invitations for the party. There are many to choose from and all are affordable and easy to add the details for being handed out.

Encanto Plates and Napkins

Choose plates and napkins that match the invitations, or choose some that are brightly colored, butterfly or flower shaped, or others that fit the theme well. When purchased together, it is easy to match them with each other and create a cohesive them.

Encanto Themed Balloon Centerpieces

encanto party balloon ideas
Photo credit Pop Of Posh

Balloons filled with air and tied into an arrangement can sit on any table, and Encanto balloons can be added to the mix. These are beautiful and can last several weeks and even months.

Serve Columbian Foods

When choosing party foods, you can add to the theme by selecting foods that are common at parties in the area the movie was set. Some foods may be new and others will be familiar, offering a selection that everyone can find something they like. For example Arepas con Queso, empanadas, or keep it simple with chips and salsa.

Flower Decorations

encanto party flowers
Photo credit Scotti Produções

Flowers, either real or fake, paper or tissue, will add color and creativity to the decorations.

Throw a Costume Party

For a fun twist on a traditional party, make it a costume party! Everyone can dress up in movie related clothes or some that fit the design and coloring in the movie.

Make it a Family Party

Invite the whole family to add more guests, increase interactions, and keep everyone in your home engaged and enjoying the experience. Parties don’t need to be just for children or just for adults.

Display Cardboard Cut Outs

encanto party table
Photo credit Luteepees

Cardboard cut outs of the characters can be spaced around the room or grouped together. Sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike, they are perfect for photos as well as decoration.

Set Up a Backyard Screening

Set up the movie in the backyard on a big white sheet and have a private screening, or rent a local theatre space and have it played. This is sure to please all the fans invited.

Encanto Soundtrack Dance Party

Set up the soundtrack on your stereo or speakers and have a dance party. It will spend some of the energy the kids have and ramp up the fun.

Movie Photo Backdrop

encanto party backdrop
Photo credit Bizzie Bee Creations

Grab a backdrop from the movie and cover a wall with it. It will add a pop of color and make the space look decorated no matter what other decorations are in place.

Encanto Pinata

Include a pinata full of candy and other treats for everyone to enjoy at the end of the party. If you provide gift bags they can fill them and make their own treat bags to take home.

Play Limbo

The limbo is a fun game that is family friendly and easy to set up. Play the soundtrack in the background to keep the mood.

Encanto Gift Bags

encanto party favor boxes
Photo credit Malia Craft

Make gift bags that match the theme with printed stickers on the outside or bags that are already decorated. Fill them with small fidgets, crayons, characters, coloring activities, and other goodies.

Set Up a Coloring Wall

Cover one wall in a large print out scene from the movie or a large section of blank paper for the kids to all color their own ideas and what they remember from the movie for both a fun activity and a keepsake.

Use Bright Colours

encanto party cake
Photo credit Taunton Cake Works

Decorate everything with bright colors from food to tablecloths to balloons.

Have a Taco Bar

Keep food easy and fun with a taco bar. Each topping has its own bowl and scoop with shells and plates ready to go. Everyone can make their own taco just as they like it.

Snow Cone Station

Add color, fun, and a special treat by creating a snow cone station. Help guests add their favorite flavors and make their own choice of dessert with this fun and interactive station.

Make a Magical Door

Have guests work together to make a magical door, offer supplies for each to make one for their own home to take home as a guests gift, or design your own and have it hanging on the front door when they arrive. You can do as many of these as you like, and they are sure to love them all.

Encanto Cookie Decorating

encanto cookies
Photo credit Cookie Creations By Paula

Cover both snacks and an activity by baking or buying butterfly shaped cookies, differently colored icings, and a few types of sprinkles. Set them all up at a table or counter and let everyone decorate their own butterfly cookies.

Temporary Tattoos or Face Painting

Purchase some Encanto related temporary tattoos and help them apply them or do some face painting to bring the movie to life at home.

Have fun with Maracas

Mini Maracas can be a fun way to add something different to the party.

Tissue Paper Flowers Craft

Everyone loves making a beautiful craft and tissue paper flowers are fast, simple, fun, and affordable. Simply create a station for the craft and explain the process to see what lovely flowers they make.

Ring Toss

Ring toss is a traditional party game that can be enjoyed outside or inside, in any whether.

Encanto Cupcakes

encanto cupcake ideas
Photo credit Just Add Kare

Rather than one big cake to cut, offer Encanto decorated cupcakes, or a set of cupcakes placed to look like a flower or other aspect of the movie. These are easy to clean up after and don’t require plates.

Have a Hula Hoop Contest

Set out hula hoops and turn up the soundtrack for a fun and friendly competition to see who can hula the longest.

Hire a Bounce House

Purchase or rent a bounce house, perhaps a castle or Encanto themed one, and set it up in the back yard.

Display a Birthday Banner

Make or buy a special birthday banner to go across the door or wall. Bright colors, balloons, flowers, or butterflies can add more excitement and detail.

Encanto Cake Pops

encanto party desserts
Photo credit Scotti Produções

Cake pops are both delicious and portable, making them great treats for any party. Choose colors that are fun and bright and add sprinkles to complete the treat.

Sensory Bins

This is a fun idea for an Encanto party ideas activity. Fill bins with sand, dried beans, rice, dry pasta, and shapes. Small toys, Encanto figurines, and more can be used to set the scene similar to those in the movies and let the children feel all the different textures, move them to make designs, and enjoy the easy clean up later.

Candy Bar

Choose cute jars or bowls and add assorted candy to them with a few decorations throughout to build a candy bar for all ages.

Encanto Place Cards

Especially fun for a costume party, print off place cards with the characters and use them to create a seating plan or to display by goodie bags. They are a fun way to keep things organized and add to the theme.

Invite a Mirabel Impersonator

A Mirabel impersonator can come and sing, dance, read to, and interact with the children to provide immersive entertainment.

Encanto Cookie Pops

encanto cookiepops
Photo credit Scotti Produções

Themed cookies pops are a fun alternative to cookies and look great displayed on your dessert table.

Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow pops are a fun treat for inside or out, use colorful straws or pretzel sticks to hold the marshmallow, then dip the top in chocolate or add sprinkles for added interest.

Casita Backdrop

encanto party decoration ideas
Photo credit Petiz Decoracoes

Put up a large Casita backdrop for people to take photos in front of and to decorate the space.

Birthday Photo Prop

Using a large card create a supersized invitation with space to put the child’s head in from behind for a great photo opportunity.

Add Gold Butterflies

encanto party decorations
Photo credit Bizzie Bee Creations

Gold butterflies scattered around the space will add sparkle and be attention grabbers.

Make a Garden Activity

Use real or fake flowers, or those they make themselves, to create small gardens in flower pots or clean washed cans for a fun activity.

Sing Along

Everyone loves a good sing along! Set up a sing along for the movie, either while they watch it or to the sound track and let everyone enjoy some kid friendly karaoke where everyone gets to sing together.

Printable Signs for Tables and Walls

Print Encanto signs and place them in frames or laminate them to hang up on the wall or place on tables for added details.

Cardboard Castle

Use cardboard boxes from appliances, furniture, and assorted deliveries to build and paint a castle. This is a great playhouse for the party and beyond, that will fit any budget.

Balloon Garland

encanto party ideas
Photo credit Lets Party with Memsi

Another of our favorite Encanto party ideas is a balloon garland. Blow up the balloons and tie them together with a sting to make a balloon garland to string across the room, around a table, or around doors.

Toucans and Leopards

Don’t forget to add the animal characters for more added details and create a focus space. They can be balloons, characters, drawings, and even on cupcakes or other treats.

Pin the Rat on Bruno

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, play pin the rat on Bruno for a fun twist to the traditional party game.

Butterfly Garlands

Use butterfly decorations to string together and hang across the front of a table or around the walls. Adding flowers will increase the interest of these decorations.

Encanto Figurine Scavenger Hunt

Gather Encanto figurines or pictures and scatter them around the space to be found by the guests. There can be as many or as few as you want, and they can be contained on one table or in a room or taken outside into the yard.

Enchanted Candle

Find an LED candle or find a replacement that is shaped like one and fill it or surround it with fairy lights to make it light up. Christmas decorations are a good source for decorative candles and you can create a centerpiece with your own enchanted candle.

Encanto Pass The Parcel

encanto pass the parcel ideas
Photo credit HoneyBellaBoo Handmade

Play pass the parcel with this pretty reusable Encanto pass the parcel kit.

Rain Cloud Jar

Gather your craft supplies and clean, empty jars to help everyone build their own rain cloud in a jar. This reference to the movie is fun to make, and everyone gets to take theirs home as a party favor.

Encanto Party Ideas – Final Note

A fun Encanto party can fit any budget with some DIY crafts, a few party favors, and treats that all the guests are sure to enjoy. Plus all the supplies for these ideas can be easily sourced online, at party stores, or craft stores. You can have as much fun planning the party as you can enjoying the party.

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