the best 21st birthday party ideas

Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas – 21 Unforgettable 21st Party Themes

Turning 21 is a milestone for many! This is because being 21 allows you to go to casinos and bars in some places.  It is also sometimes the age where you are transitioning from being a student or teenager into being a “real” adult and being on your own and working.  No matter what though, turning 21 is a big deal and should be celebrated!  So, here are our 21st birthday party ideas that will make it a birthday to remember!

21st Birthday Party Ideas for a party to remember!

best ways to celebrate 21st birthday

2000’s Theme

There are so many fun party themes, but if you are turning 21 in 2020-something, that of course means you were born in the 2000s.  This is one of the best 21st birthday party themes! Kick off this birthday with a millennial-themed bash! For example, have guests dress up in 2000 inspired duds and dance to popular music from the Y2K era.  It will be a great throwback party!   

Host A Champagne Brunch

Brunch is not specifically just for the older demographic anymore and has become a popular activity on weekends for the younger generation.  Turn up your birthday by hosting a champagne brunch!  Serve delicious mimosas in fancy glasses in addition to pastries, fresh fruit and waffles. Happy brunching!     

Birthday Glamp-Out

21st birthday camp out

Like the outdoors? Then put a spin on a camp-out by having a glamp-out! Rent out luxurious tent accommodations or set up your own using comfy pillows, coupled with soft blankets and twinkle lights.  Next, roast smores around a campfire in cozy robes.  It is comfort and camping in one! 

Have A Pool Party

If you are celebrating your 21st birthday during a warmer month, then a pool party may be a great option! Soak up the sunshine with your friends while staying cool in the pool.  Have a water fight, then enjoy delicious food off the grill.  Everyone loves a pool party!

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High Tea

Another of our 21st birthday party ideas is by marking the milestone with high tea!  Often hosted at a local hotel or tea room, a high tea event is both classy and fun!  Throw on your favorite fascinator and relish the day with your ladies!

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Go On A Road Trip

21st birthday party ideas

Love to explore? Then go on a road trip!  Plan a trip out in advance. Or if you feel spontaneous for instance, flip a coin to see which way you turn and see where you end up.  Either way, a road trip will create memories to last a lifetime.  Don’t forget to make a playlist!

Hire A Private Chef

If you are a foodie but also like to stay in, a private chef may be the perfect idea for your 21st birthday.  A chef can prepare restaurant-quality meals for you and your guests from the comfort of your own home. Whether you dress up or down, remember to savor your meal cooked just for you!

Host A Casino Night

Test your luck by hosting a casino night!  Set up tables for Black Jack, Roulette, and not to mention Crabs. You could instead organize a trip to a casino for your friends.  Vegas anyone?

Have A Weekend Away

With thousands of hotels and Airbnb’s, there are plenty of interesting places to visit!  Whether you chose a weekend of sightseeing in a big city or want to just hang out in a cute cottage and chill, there are so many options for a weekend away with your crew!

Have A Karaoke Party

A karaoke party is perfect for anyone who loves to sing, perform and especially have fun! Set a theme for the night such as Broadway tunes or boy band hits for you and your guests to sing to. In addition, dress up as your favorite singer. You could also and go and visit a real karaoke bar!

Host A Fancy Dress Party

fancy dress party for 21st birthday

Extravagant clothes are not just for proms and weddings but for birthdays too! Throw a fancy dress party where everyone wears their most formal attire.  Add elegance to your event with beautiful dishware and savory food in addition to champagne!  Wear your best and have a blast! 

Go To A Day Spa

A day of pampering is always a stellar idea!  Firstly, book yourself a massage for ultimate relaxation.  Secondly, enjoy a manicure or facial. Finally, sip on cucumber water and catch up with your friends.  You and your besties will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the town!

Host A Boho Backyard Picnic

Looking for a fun and whimsical idea to celebrate turning 21? Then consider a boho backyard picnic!  A backyard picnic can be simple yet so beautiful for you and your guests to enjoy.  Place pillows around a low table and display wildflowers in glass jars for added beauty. Furthermore, serve a charcuterie board full of a variety of snacks or order in your favorite take-out. It will be an impressive picnic!   

Host An Indoor Picnic

If you are a winter baby but still like the picnic idea for your 21st birthday, have no fear.  You can certainly host an indoor picnic!  Choose a theme, grab some pillows or a blanket, then add some pretty décor items to help create a comfortable space inside.  To sum up, wet or cold weather will not stop you from having a super picnic!  

Do An Escape Room

An escape room is also a unique way to celebrate your 21st birthday.  These rooms are a perfect way to work together as a team with your friends while you test your puzzle skills!  Win or lose, it will be a birthday for the memory books!

Mamma Mia Party

mamma mia party ideas

A Mamma Mia party is the ultimate celebration for a someone who loves music, dancing, and a touch of retro glamour. It’s a chance to transport herself to the sun-drenched shores of Greece, where carefree moments and unforgettable friendships come alive. The infectious energy of ABBA’s timeless hits will have her and her friends singing and dancing their hearts out, creating memories they’ll cherish forever.

Host A Mixology Party

Looking to learn some new skills in the art of drink-making?  Then a mixology party may be for you!  Hire a professional bartender to teach you and your pals the basics.  Afterward, have fun creating your own concoctions and perhaps see who can come up with the most creative drink name!

Go On A Bar Crawl

No matter where you are in the world, if you are 21, you can go to a bar.  Plan a bar crawl with your friends or join a pre-planned tour. Your night will be filled with a variety of atmospheres, drinks, people and music!    

Have A Luau Party

A luau party is an awesome theme for a 21st birthday party!  Ask guests to rock their Hawaiian shirts and give everyone a lei. Then, serve tropical beverages.  Lastly, host a limbo competition and you will have a grand ol’ time!

Have A Sleepover

Plan a night of fun with your best pals!  Watch your favorite movie while eating yummy treats.  Pamper yourselves with at-home facials and chat till you fall asleep.  In the morning, serve a delicious brunch or have a make-your-own waffles station. Sleepovers are fun at any age!

Throw A Fiesta

Turning 21 is a time to party so why not throw your very own fiesta!  Serve delicious authentic Mexican food. A taco bar would be awesome with all the fixings!  Dance the night away while sipping on margaritas.  It will be an incredible way to celebrate!

Birthday Rave

2000 theme party

There is nothing like a birthday rave!  Pump up the jams and play music from the 90’s.  In addition, add some glowsticks, neon clothing, and a black light and you have yourself an epic night! 

In conclusion, we hope you like our 21st birthday party ideas!  Try any of our ideas or come up with your own.  Either way, cherish your 21st birthday and have a blast celebrating it with your loved ones!  For heaps more party ideas, click here.  Have yourself an awesome birthday!  

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