Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas – 40 Best Ideas

On Anything but a Backpack Day, students across the country will use their most creative, or first available, objects to replace their backpacks. It is an opportunity for students to have fun and carry all of their supplies around the school in anything that is not a backpack. There are many Backpack Day ideas and a few limitations, with some of the best ideas being easy to find, easy to use, and funny to see.

What is Anything but a Backpack Day?

 This day is a yearly event at school where students are encouraged to use their creativity to find an item that can be used to carry their belongings for the day. It can be almost any item as long as it fits within the school hallways and doorways, can be carried, pulled, or pushed in a safe manner, and it can hold all of their books and supplies.

It is intended to improve school spirit and bring the students together for something light and fun. These days have quickly become a favorite in many schools, with even teachers taking part.

What happens on Anything But A Backpack Day?

 To get the most from the day be sure that there are lots of pictures, and maybe leave a few extra minutes for everyone to arrive at class and settle in, having all these other items in the halls may cause some congestion.

Students will want to see all the other things that people are using and this encourages them to bond with their friends and maybe talk to other students they normally don’t talk to. For a friendly competition have students in their homeroom vote for the favorite one from that class and announce the winners the next morning, even if there isn’t a prize it can be fun to see what they think was the funniest.

Encouraging teachers to participate will also help students to feel more comfortable with them and can create a feeling of cohesiveness and togetherness between students and teachers.

40 Best Ideas for Anything But A Backpack Day

1. Wagon

Wagon - Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

Any type of wagon will do, from gardening to children’s wagons, they hold all your needs and roll right behind you.

2. Mop Bucket

Don’t offer to mop the floor with your books, but pushing or pulling these wheeled buckets is sure to get a laugh, but be sure it’s new or dry before filling it up.

3. Toy Truck

A toy dump truck, tractor, or even a toy RV can pull all your books behind you.

4. Pizza Box

Reuse and recycle by putting all your books and pens into a pizza box for the day (or ask for a clean, empty box when you order your next pizza pie)

5. Stroller

If you know someone with a small child grab their stroller for the day and your books will stay safely strapped in until you need them.

6. Fishing Net

Grab a big fishing net, toss all your school supplies in, and hoist it across your shoulder. Be sure not to bump anyone with the handle or with the net full of books behind you!

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7. Grocery Cart

Grocery Cart - Anything But A Backpack Day

Borrowing a grocery cart, even for small kids, from the local store can make anything but a backpack day easy, and can even carry stuff for your friends.

8. Peddle Car

The peddle car or ride-in cars that are moved with the power of feet are great for this day, and will certainly gain a lot of attention going down the halls. You may even be able to ride in it!

9. Power Wheels

These powered ride-in cars are intended for young children, but when you use them for just your books they can be a great way to have them escorted around the school.

10. Baby Seat

Borrow a baby seat, either for a car, the tub, or a bouncy seat, and use it to hold all your books. The harness will keep your things in place, and you’ll have an easy-to-move, not a backpack.

More Funny Anything But A Backpack Ideas

11. Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket - Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

It can carry clothes and soap, and it can carry your school supplies! Fill it up and just carry it by the handles all day.

12. Laundry Hamper

This offers a bit more space than a laundry basket, and the ones with wheels will make it even easier.

13. Grocery Bags

The abundance of reusable bags from grocery shopping and other retail stores makes them ideal for this event. You can put them all in one or spread them out around a few bags for better balance.

14. Recycle Bin

A plastic recycle bin can hold all your belongings and easily help you move them around the school without a backpack.

15. Hanging Shelf

A hanging shelf that fits underneath a cupboard or desktop is ideal for this as you can carry it around with all your books and supplies and then hang it off your desk in each room you go to.

16. Milk Crate

Plastic milk crates all come with handles and are intended to hold the weight of milk, so they are sure to hold your belongings for the day.

17. Wooden Crate

Wooden crates of any shape or size can be sourced for this day and can be used for many purposes afterward.

18. Plastic Drawers on Wheels

Plastic is light and easy to move, and the drawers are certain to keep you organized as you move from room to room. As they are easy to push with the wheels included, you can save the energy of carrying anything at all.

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19. Sled

A winter sled is already set up to be pulled behind you and can easily support the weight of your books and school necessities.

20. Kayak

It’s not often you can take a boat to school, so grab this chance and maybe your friends will even let you ride in it to class!

Ideas For Anything But A Backpack Day Your Friends Will Love!

21. Pet Carrier

Whether hard or soft-sided, a pet carrier can hold all you need for the day, and the handle or shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. They are sure to withstand the weight as well.

22. Suitcase

Pile your things in, zip it closed, and pull everything to class beside you with your regular travel suitcase. It’s an excellent opportunity to save your back and let the wheels do all the work.

23. Lawnmower

A bagged lawnmower has ample space for your supplies for the day and can be pushed through the halls with ease.

24. Skateboard

If you’re already taking your skateboard, you can strap your books and belongings to it and pull it behind you or push it in front of you. Be sure to take all the books off before you try a trick!

25. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow makes it easy to move a large amount of weight from one space to the next and is great for those heavy textbooks and binders you’re carrying around all day.

26. Cooler

Coolers carry all the necessities, not just food.

27. Instrument Case

If you play a musical instrument you can use the case for the day, it should hold your books and your pens, and you’ll get to share another interest with your friends.

28. Vacuum

Whether it’s bagged or canister, you can pop your books into the dust storage area, after cleaning it of course, and pull your things along with you through any space.

29. Toaster Oven

Not just for breakfast, while you’ll have to carry it there is a lot more space inside a toaster oven than expected.

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30. Upside Down Umbrella

Turn that umbrella upside down, and drop your things into the curve. You may even bring more joy to others for acting like it’s a cane.

The Best Original Ideas For Anything But A Backpack Day

31. Birdcage

Birdcage - Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

Once your belongings are clamped inside you can easily carry it by the handles, and a birdcage is light enough for all-day use.

32. File Sorter

A file sorter, in box form or with a carry handle, can keep your papers organized when you don’t have a backpack.

33. Toybox

Any toybox can hold all you need for a full day, and some are made of nice light materials that are easy to carry.

34. Shopping Basket

Many grocery and other retail stores offer baskets for their shoppers to use, if you ask they may lend you one for the day and you can carry all you need in that. Be sure to ask permission and return it when you are done.

35. Printer Cart

Many printer carts have one shelf, a drawer, and a top, all on wheels. You can stay organized and take a full day’s worth of items with you with just one printer cart.

36. AV Cart

All schools have some type of AV cart or library cart, and they are large enough that you can share them with your friends. Each person can have a shelf and you can guide it through the halls together.

37. Wheeled Desk Chair

Any computer or desk chair that has wheels can carry your belongings for the day. You may want to strap them down or place them in a box, but you’ll have the added benefit of a place to sit when you get tired or arrive at your class.

38. Walker

A walker has space to store things on the seat, under the seat, or hanging off the bars if it doesn’t have a seated area. The ones with wheels will make it easier but any version will do and it’s sure to gain the attention of the other students.

39. Playpen

If you’re looking for something that will stand out, this will do it. It’s even easier if you have one that has wheels, as you can push it easily from class to class and you’ll have ample room for your school supplies, books, and even your lunch.

40. Pillowcase

For a fast and easy option grab that pillowcase from the clean laundry, or off your bed if you can’t find one. These are easy to use and light and can hold all of the things you’ll need.

Anything But A Backpack Day Final Note

Schools are known for having fun days that help the students to engage their creativity and think of things in a new way. Just like science fairs and book reports, these days help to foster teamwork but also boost school spirit, encourage out-of-the-box thinking, and offer a fun way for students to express themselves.

As backpacks are a regular daily use item it can be fun and silly to see how many different ideas people will come up with to replace them, and kids will talk about this day for the rest of the year.

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