New Year's Eve Ideas For Kids

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids – 10 Ways To Enjoy NYE With Kids

New Year’s Eve is often an event many of us enjoy, especially in our younger days. It was perhaps a time to get dressed up and celebrate with friends into the wee hours of the morning. However, once we have children, New Years Eve with kids tends to look different. Late nights and a party atmosphere can be too much for little ones but this does not mean it can not be fun! Celebrating the new year with children just needs a bit more planning. Read on for our ten New Year’s Eve ideas for kids.

10 New Years Eve Ideas For Kids

New Year Wishes Wall

In essence, making new year’s resolutions is a very common thing. We think about what we hope to achieve or things we want to do in the future. Decorate a wall and have the children write out their hopes and dreams for the new year. It could be to be healthy, happy, to learn new skills, or go on certain adventures. In addition, you could make a separate space for things they were thankful for during the past year

Get Fancy

new years eve party ideas for kids

Who doesn’t like to dress up once in a while? Whether you are with a group or just with your kids, have everyone put on their best outfit. Include jewelry, long gloves, or a fascinator, and be fancy as you ring in the new year! You could also prepare a photo booth to show off your outfits and capture special moments together.

New Years Eve Balloon Drop

Children tend to get excited for balloons, so why not do your own balloon drop similar to what they do at big events or on TV show finales. Firstly, fold a large thin plastic sheet, table cloth, or garbage bag and tape the ends shut, making it envelope-like. Secondly, blow up balloons and fill the opening. Tape different parts of the long side together and attach a string to each piece across the side. Thirdly, attached everything to the ceiling and when the New Year comes, pull the string and you will have an exciting moment for the kids to share!

Mock New Years Eve Countdown

Staying up for the countdown at midnight is often the goal when it comes to New Year’s Eve. For a New Years celebration with kids involved, however, that is likely not going to work with their schedule. In order to still experience the excitement of the countdown to the new year, have a “Mock Countdown” for the kids to enjoy. Pick a time that works for the families involved like 8:00 pm. Then, shout your own countdown together or find one online. Netflix often has its own countdowns featuring favorite characters ready to stream for kids. Either way, it will be fun for all (and not too late)!

New Years Eve Sleepover

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A New Years sleepover with another family or a few of your children’s friends is an awesome way to celebrate the new year! Have everyone get into cozy PJs and watch movies and play games while eating snacks. Designate a certain area for the kids to sleep in and another for any adults who may be joining. If the kids are older, they may attempt to stay up till midnight. If so, they will have a place to easily crash after. In the morning, enjoy a New Year’s Day brunch!

New Years Eve Kids Game Night

A super fun way to bring in the new year is by having a game night! From board games to card games to party games to videos games, there are so many options! Pick something that works for the age of the children involved and have fun!

New Years Eve Food Fun With Childreb

new years eve pizza party for kids

Another one of our New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids is food! Every party has food but in this case, the kids can help make it! Pizza is a wonderful choice to get the kids involved. To begin, set up an area with a variety of toppings. Next, have the kids make their own personal pizzas. Lastly, for dessert, have a sundae station with all the fixings! You could also do cupcakes or cookie decorating. It will be delicious!

Give A Toast

A toast is usually part of a New Year’s Eve celebration. People tend to pour champagne and before clinking glasses, say a few words of appreciation, about memories or hopes to come. With a few minor changes, you can easily do this for kids too. Use plastic champagne flutes to start. Then, fill them with a non-acholic beverage like juice, bubbly water or soda. Have each child say a few words before you cheers to the new year!

New Years Dance Party For Kids

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration so a dance party would be a great activity to do with kids! Play popular music kids love or traditional hits like the YMCA and the Macarena. To add to the atmosphere, add a strobe light or disco ball! Then turn up the music, teach each other dance moves, and dance the night away!

New Year’s Eve Hats

new years eve activities hats

A cool little craft you can do with the kids is having them create their own hats to rock during the countdown. They could make crowns, top hats, headbands, or whatever style that comes to mind. Provide glue, sparkles, pompoms, feathers, and any other neat details they can include. You can even get the family pets involved! And don’t forget to take a picture!

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids – Final Note

In conclusion, New Year’s Eve is a day where we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one.  It is a night for fun and excitement and with our New Year’s Eve ideas for kids, a night for the whole family to enjoy!  These ideas will make any party more pleasant for all and easier for parents to plan.  Make New Years Eve a great family event and enjoy making memories together!  For more party ideas, click here.  Until then, cheers!

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