How to Word A Birth Announcement

Congratulations!  The time has come and your beautiful baby has in fact arrived! You are so excited and of course, want to share the news!  Announcing your baby’s birth is such a momentous occasion and a special moment for any new parent.  However, finding the right words to share may feel overwhelming.  Have no fear, here are our favorite ideas for how to word a birth announcement.

How to Word A Birth Announcement – The Basics

When it comes to announcing your little one’s arrival, there are key details that tend to always be included.  These are:

  • Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)
  • Weight (Lbs, Oz)

Some people chose to also include the time of birth as well as the baby’s length.  There are so many ways to incorporate these desired details.  Keep reading for some ideas on wording and examples of printed birth announcement designs! And be sure to check out our Birth Announcements Buyers Guide here.

How to Word A Birth Announcement for Girls

A little girl is always so precious and sweet.  When announcing that she has arrived, think about using words fit for a princess.  Here are some ideas on how to word a birth announcement for a baby girl:

Welcome To The World

birth announcement wording ideas

Short and sweet and in pink font is a great way to introduce your baby girl.

Once Upon A Time A Little Princess Was Born

how to word a birth announcement baby girl

A regal way to introduce your little princess!

I’m Here

what to write in a birth announcement for a girl

Straight to the point, she has arrived!

Cute As A Button

baby announcement ideas for girls

Everyone will see how cute and sweet she is!

How to word a Birth Announcement for boys

When your little man has arrived, it is time to spread the word!  Here are some ideas for how to word a birth announcement for a baby boy: 

Oh Boy!

birth announcement ideas for boys

Show some excitement with these two words! 

My Oh My…Introducing the Newest Member Of Our Team

what to write on a birth announcement boys

The perfect wording for any family of sport fans!

Someone We’d Like You To Meet

baby card bronze foil

A nice way to start an introduction to your newest family member. Plus this design is so pretty with bronze foil lettering.


hello birth announcement ideas

You will have them at “Hello” with this short and sweet introduction.

Religious Birth Announcements

If faith is an important part of your life, then incorporating a religious component into your child’s birth announcement will be special.  Here are some ideas below:

All God’s Grace In One Little Face

religious birth announcement wording

A beautiful way to welcome your baby!

For This Child, We Have Prayed

religious birth announcement ideas

To sum up, your prayers have been answered!

Counting Our Blessings

ideas for wording of religious birth announcement

Babies are certainly blessings!

Funny Birth Announcements

Who says you can’t use humor in a birth announcement?  These words are cute and funny, a great combination to introduce your wee one, check them out:

The Snuggle Is Real

funny birth announcement ideas

Love this play on words!

I’m Here For The Snuggles

funny sayings for birth announcement

Newborn snuggles are certainly the best!

Full House

how to word a birth announcement

The perfect way for anyone to introduce their new addition, especially if the parents love the sitcom Full House or have multiple children already.

Our Bun Is Done

our bun is done birth announcement

An amazing follow-up to a pregnancy announcement that said “Bun In The Oven.”

Sibling Birth Announcements

If this isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to having a baby, then these ideas may work great when siblings are involved.  Here are some examples of how to word a birth announcement for new siblings:

Cuteness Runs In The Family

sibling birth announcement wording

An adorable way to show off the new baby and also their cute sibling(s)!


sibling birth announcement card ideas

This is a fun way to word a birth announcement when your latest addition means there are more kids than parents!

Oh Brother!  There’s Another!?

baby brother birth announcement wording

An adorable play on words when introducing another brother!

Holiday Birth Announcements

The holidays are an exciting time of year so announcing the arrival of a baby makes the holidays that more magical!  Here are some festive ideas to use when wording your birth announcement:

Peace. Love. Joy.

holiday birth announcement

Use festive words in your birth announcement as you welcome your new baby during the holiday season.

Please Welcome Our Little Human

christmas baby announcement wording

A cute way to share your new little human!

Our Hearts Are Full This Christmas

christmas baby announcement ideas

This announcement will certainly warm everyone’s hearts!

Simple Birth Announcements

Sometimes less is more, therefore simply putting Introducing (Baby Name)” is a wonderful way to introduce your baby to the world too.

simple birth announcement card ideas

Twins Birth Announcements

If you are having twins, consider using “Two Cute” as a way to announce their arrival.

twins birth announcement wording ideas

How to Word A Birth Announcement – Final Note

In conclusion, a birth announcement is a special way to let everyone know your amazing news!  You can keep it simple, add some humor or be as creative as you want to be.  We hope these tips on how to word a birth announcement have helped you put together the perfect birth announcement for your new baby!  In addition, for more birth announcement ideas, see our favorite birth announcement ideas here and our Birth Announcements Buyers Guide here.

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