Advent Calendar Fillers for Kids – Fun advent ideas kids love!

If you are creating a DIY Advent Calendar this year, then you will need some Advent Calendar Fillers for kids!

DIY Advent Calendars are so much fun. You can personalize the trinkets or keepsakes inside your cute compartments. Also, you can avoid too much chocolate if you wish!

Yes, it’s that festive time of the year when adults and kids alike are getting giddy with excitement. Fun Christmas Traditions take center stage and we are all filled with festive cheer! What better way to inject more joy for Christmas than coming up with advent calendar fillers for kids?

What To Put In Advent Calendars

Twenty-four cardboard doors or envelopes or DIY drawers that open to daily surprises— this is the challenge. What do you want your excitable kids to find every day in your countdown to Christmas?

You definitely don’t want boring, predictable, and cheap stuff. You also don’t want something that is so random it’s already considered junk. So let me give you 10 original ideas for DIY advent calendar ideas.

Best Advent Calendar Fillers for Kids

Mini Bath Bombs

Kids normally don’t want to take baths. So what does not make taking a bath ultra-fun? A bath bomb will get the kids running to the bathroom in no time. Some bath bombs even have surprise toys in them! So surprise within a surprise, yeah?

Mini Playing Cards

Develop your child’s cognitive and emotional skills— and even motor skills— by surprising them with mini playing cards. They can play the usual games or get inspired to make their own card games. Not to mention mini cards are just cute!

Handwritten Notes

Show some love and appreciation for your kids by handwritten notes. Pen your love and affection for your child on fun stationery or even inside an origami!

Tickle Me Plant Seeds

Teach the kids how to be independent and nurturing by encouraging them to start gardening. It’s fun, it relieves anxiety, and makes eating veggies fun. So why not treat them with a collection of seeds to grow a fun Tickle Me plant?

Gift Card

What is your child’s favorite store? Give them a Gift Card. Allow them the freedom to choose an item at their favorite store. It shows your respect and it teaches them the value of money.

Foreign Money

Nothing will mesmerize a child even more than receiving foreign money. It’s a precious item that gives them the pleasure of owning something special. It may also coax them into researching the country.

Christmas Temporary Tattoos

Kids love stickers. Safe, temporary tattoos will get them crazy with delight. Choose Christmas-themed collections of removable tattoos for a more festive feel.

Hot Chocolate Packets With Unicorn Marshmallows

What kid doesn’t want hot chocolate with unicorn marshmallows? Yes, very much self-explanatory.


A rather special treat to have your kid peek through the scope and see lovely patterns. The ever-changing colors and patterns are thrilling even to adults. There are mini kaleidoscopes that will fit your advent calendar box.


Give them a literal taste of what’s to come around the corner by individually wrapped Lotus Biscoff cookies. Every crunchy bite of these Belgian cookies evokes Christmas.

Original Advent Calendar Fillers for Kids

Advent calendar fillers will allow you and your child to discover new hobbies and interests. Take time to pick fillers that can both entertain and teach your kid. Items that were chosen with love for the kid.

This is why a DIY Advent Calendar is well worth the effort. But before you start your hunt for calendar advent fillers, make sure your Advent Calendar itself will wow your kids!

To make an awesome and unique advent calendar, you must check out these DIY Advent Calendar ideas!

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