fun things to do at a sleepover

Things to do at a Sleepover (That Kids Will Love)

Sleepovers at any age are exciting, but there is something about a kids sleepover that is just magical!  A sleepover brings a whole new element to a playdate or to birthdays as it extends overnight and into the next morning.  So, if you are worried that the kids will get bored and not have fun, don’t worry!  Whether it is a sleepover for young kids, tweens, teens or for a sweet 16 party, keep reading for our things to do at a sleepover that kids will love!

fun things to do at a girls sleepover

Before The Start of the Sleepover

In case this is the first time you are hosting a sleepover for your child, consider keeping it small.  Also, think about who is invited and if they know each other or not.  Personalities and interests may differ between guests, so keep that in mind. Checking with parents regarding allergies is important too.

Once guests arrive, go over some housekeeping notes like where the bathroom is, where they can get a drink and how they can call home if needed.  Some kids may be nervous to be there overnight, therefore it is good to reassure them (and their parents).  Lastly, share any expectations like what time bedtime is or where they are not allowed to go before the night starts. 

Set up a fun sleeping area for your Slumber Party

Before guests arrive, decide on where the sleeping part of the sleepover will occur.  Depending on the number of guests a bedroom or a larger area like a family room will work.  You could set up a tent in the backyard or create a magical tent set up inside, where everyone gets their own cozy tent.  String lights around the room, coupled with glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls for more enchantment.  In short, comfort is key to ensuring a good night’s sleep!

Plan a fun dinner

pizza for sleepover party

If the sleepover is going to include dinner, above all, make it easy.  Making your own pizza is always a hit!  Have the kids roll their own dough and afterward offer a variety of toppings to choose from.  For colder months, throw a lasagna in the oven and serve with garlic bread and Caesar salad. A crockpot also makes it easy to make pulled pork or chili. Build your own tacos or subs are also a great choice and you can never go wrong with a bbq of hot dogs and burgers!  Throw some veggies and dip on a plate and you are good to go. 

Things to do at a Sleepover

Get plently of sleepover snacks

snack ideas for sleepover

A sleepover isn’t complete without snacks! Given that, no matter the activities that go on, snacks are a sleepover favorite.  Sweet treats like gummy candy, chocolate, and baked good are always a good choice. In addition, have a DIY sundae station.  For more salty snacks, place chips and pretzels around and not to mention popcorn. For healthier options, offer fruit and cheese and crackers. Another idea is to make smores or have a fondue!  And don’t forget about drinks.

Plan a craft activity

craft party for teen girls

If your sleepover group is into crafts, then include this in the event.  Paint nights are super popular as well as jewelry making.  Make matching tie-dye shirts or homemade face masks for a mini-spa.  For older kids, have them build a photo booth and props for selfies!  Even just blank paper and markers can entertain kids for a while.

Schedule time for a movie

fun things to do at a sleepover

A staple during any sleepover is often a movie.  Everyone huddled around the TV with snacks galore is an activity kids enjoy.  Before the sleepover, have a few options for movies to pick from once guests arrive.  Keep in mind the age group of the gang and their interests.  With some extra pillows and blankets, it will be without a doubt easy to sit back and enjoy the show!

Have a dance party

Not only can music set the tone for the night, it can also really add some fun to a sleepover! Music can start a dance party , but it can also produce karaoke performances.  Firstly, the kids can make up their own choreographed dance. Secondly, they can turns belting it out to their favorite tracks.  Either way, music is a must-have for any sleepover!

Paint nails

If your guests are into beauty treatments, then consider nail painting as a fun sleepover idea. Include some cute nail stickers to add to the fun once the nail polish has dried!

Bake Cookies or Cupcakes

Baking a sweet treat can be a fun sleepover activity idea, plus the kids are getting to make their own dessert. You can make this super easy using pre-made cookie dough, or if you are a keen baker get the kids to make the recipe from scratch.

Set up an Ice-Cream Bar

Instead of serving dessert after dinner, prepare an ice-cream bar with their favorite flavors of ice cream, sprinkles, toppings and cream to make their own ice cream sundaes.

Toast Marshmallows

Another sleepover party idea favorite is toasting marshmallows. If you have an outdoor fire or firepit then this is great outdoor activity, or get cozy in front of your fireplace. 

Hire a Karaoke Machine

If your kids like to sing and dance, then a karaoke machine is a really fun sleepover idea. Have a singing competition or talent show, put on your favorite songs or get the kids to form groups to sing their top tunes.

Build a blanket fort

This is a great thing to do at a sleepover for younger kids. Grab all of your old blankets and a bag of pegs and have the kids construct a blanket fort. Washing stands make good frames, as do sofa edges and chairs.

Do Makeovers

If your guests are at an age where they are interested in makeup, then makeovers are a fun idea. They can do them on each other, or you can get some Moms to step in and help out.

Make Friendship Bracelets

Making friendship bracelets is a fun, crafty idea for a sleepover activity. Get a ready prepared kit which will have all of the materials your children will need to create pretty bracelets for each other.

Fun Sleepover Games

Play Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is a fun game to be played in the dark, either in the house or in the backyard. Give one guest a flashlight and they have to “tag” the other guests with the light. Once tagged, they take the flashlight and the game continues.

Have a Pillow Fight

One of the classic things to do at a sleepover is a good old fashioned pillow fight. Kids love it, plus it gets out all that excess energy before bedtime!

Play Truth Or Dare

Prepare a list of fun questions for the kids to answer and a list of fun (but safe) dares for them to complete. This game often leads to lots of hilarity and laughs once the kids relax into it!

Have a sleepover scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt either for around the house or around your backyard. Hide objects around the house or garden and give your guests a list of the things to find. They can work in teams or on their own depending on how many kids are attending.

Play board games

game ideas for sleepover

Games are certainly a great addition to any sleepover. Whether playing a video game or a board game together, it is a wonderful way to get everyone involved. Party games like charades or trivia are entertaining too. If your group is sporty, set up a friendly game of soccer or set up an obstacle course.

More Sleepover Ideas

Tips before bedtime

Before it is time to go to bed, have some quiet time.  This may be needed, especially for younger kids who are extra excited or not sure how they feel about sleeping somewhere new.  Play some calming music and have the kids do some bedtime yoga in their pajamas.  You could also have the kids take turns reading or telling a story.      

Sleepover Breakfast Ideas

strawberry pancakes
Pancakes with berries for kids

The next morning the party continues!  Offer a continental breakfast with tiny cereal boxes, muffins, and yogurts for your guests to help themselves. Serve bacon and eggs or quiche.   Another super idea is to set up an epic pancake bar.  This breakfast will end the sleepover on one delicious note!  In addition, offer orange juice in fancy cups and have fun colored napkins.   

Fun things to do at a Sleepover – Final Note

By incorporating some of our things to do a sleepover, any sleepover you plan will be a blast.  Furthermore, if you are hosting a sleepover for older kids, check out our party theme ideas for teen boys and ideas for teen girls she will love. Sleepovers are part of childhood and beyond and the memories they make will stay with them forever!

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