Plan a Wild One Birthday Theme

Plan a Wild One Birthday Theme – Must See Wild One Party Ideas

When choosing an animal theme for a first birthday party the options are nearly endless, but a Wild One Birthday theme is a fun and easy theme for this birthday. With a Wild One party, you can match decorations, activities, foods, and favors to display the theme.

With many options to choose from, it is key to start with the most important details such as a guest list, and work through each part until the favors are selected and the foods prepared. Following the planning one step at a time will ensure that nothing is missed and that your Wild One party will be cute, fun, and memorable. 

How to Plan a Wild One Birthday Theme Party

To begin planning a Wild One Birthday Theme Party the first step is to determine if there will be a specific color theme or type of animal that will be the focus. For a first birthday theme, sometimes baby wild animals are the focus. Once this is determined it’s time to consider what items will match the theme.

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Plan for plates and silverware, napkins, and a tablecloth, then decorations such as balloons and banners, and then activities that can be enjoyed by all of the guests. Foods can be made to fit the theme and laid out in a way that also matches. Create a playlist if you want to have music playing, and it can be created around the theme. Many children’s songs are related to animals including Bear Hunt, songs from movies, and fairytales set to music. 

Who to invite to a Wild One party?

Create a guest list that is based upon the most important people first, starting with the families. A first birthday is an exciting moment for the whole family. After the family, all grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, consider your closest friends. Everyone you love will want to celebrate with you at this moment. 

Once you have determined the guest list you can choose and mail invitations, which should also match the theme and can even be selected to match with the plates and tableware. The more cohesive the theme is the more guests can enjoy it, and it will hint at what they should expect when they arrive. Several decoration sets will have these all included for an easy-to-do theme. 

Wild One Birthday Party Decorations

Wild One Birthday Party Decorations
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Wild One party decorations have a wide variety of options and many types of decorations that work well together. Plates and tableware are some of the more important decorative features as they will be used by everyone, and they can help to set the whole theme. Choosing a set that is labeled as “Wild One” can display the theme, while choosing animal prints instead can increase the assortment and offer a way to add contrasting patterns from zebras to monkeys or even giraffes. 

A large Wild One backdrop is a great decoration for a party and can also work as a photography area where all the guests can pose for pictures. Pictures can then be shared with other guests or posted on social media, even in online albums, so that everyone can enjoy them. 

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More Wild One Party Decor Ideas

Adding balloons is a great way to bring up the decorations from table height and create diversity and different textures in the space. You can even make a balloon arch or balloon garland. Any “Wild One”, animal print, jungle print, or other bold balloons will add to the theme. Also adding balloons that match the colors of any of the other decorations, the plates or tablecloth, or even the backdrop, will fit well with the theme. 

Live or fake plants can be placed around the space, or large leaves can be used to create an arch over the door or food table. They will create focal points around the room and will both add to the feel of the space but also offer hiding spaces for a scavenger hunt, a place to take pictures, or just to add color to the area.

A first birthday banner is another great idea, along with stuffed wild animals like toy lions or zebras.

Activities for a Wild One Party

Activities for a Wild One Party
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When planning a first birthday party, the key to success is keeping it simple. Babies and toddlers have short attention spans and are easily overwhelmed so a few simple activities are best.

If you have a Wild One backdrop, include some props including stuffed animals and animal masks, and even ask them to dress up for pictures. When playing games that have music involved the music can also be matched to the theme or sounds of wild animals can be played as the cue to stop, to sit, or to begin moving again.

The younger children will need help with some of the games, but the older children and adults are sure to enjoy them, and everyone will love pictures with the one-year-old dressed up or using the fun props. 

Wild jungle animal toys or pictures can be hidden around the space to create a scavenger hunt or bingo card, and guests can mingle while they try and find them all. 

A Smash Cake is always fun for a first birthday party. Go for a Safari animals or jungle theme birthday cake.

In the summer months, a sprinkler or toddler pool may offer a fun way to cool off, and the adults are sure to enjoy it as well. Older kids may like a water gun fight, and their parents can get it on the fun as well. 

If your budget allows, then an animal-themed bounce house is always good fun, or create a mini ball pit in the backyard for the babies to play in.

Wild One Party Food Ideas

Wild One Party Food Ideas
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A baby’s first birthday party needs plenty of baby-friendly foods so think fresh and healthy and manageable for little hands and mouths! Tiny sandwiches, fruit, and yogurts are 1st birthday favorites. For more creative food ideas check out our healthy party foods for Kids article here.               

Create a snack bar with dishes of vegetables and dip placed into themed bowls and plates. They can be served on animal print tablecloths or decorated plates, with fun names that fit the theme of the party. 

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Kabobs are also a great fit for this theme, easy to eat while mingling and save on silverware. They are also easy for older children to eat, and for adults to consume while they are also feeding their children. Steamed vegetables are great for toddlers and can be easily laid out on any table. Small sandwiches along with snack foods and a small dessert bar will work well for almost any age.

Wild One Birthday Party Favors

The final part of planning a birthday party is the favors. These small gifts thank guests for attending and show appreciation for their presence. It also helps them to remember the party and the fun that they had. For the Wild One Birthday Party Theme, there are several options for party favors that will be well received. 

These baby jungle animals are a cute Wild One favor that your baby guests will love!

Or these super cute First 100 Animals books would also make a great first birthday favor.

Wild One Party Ideas Final Note

Planning a Wild One Birthday Party Theme can have many small pieces that add up to make an immersive and enjoyable experience. By using the same theme and colors through the food, decorations, favors, and backgrounds, people will be fully engaged with the theme and be able to interact with everything. Adding activities is a great way to keep people involved and conversing with each other, and fun competitions can bring friends closer during the event. Ensure that there is something for everyone and your party will be talked about for weeks. 

Plan a Wild One Birthday Theme

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