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Fortnite Party Ideas: 20 Fun Ideas for a Fortnite Themed Party!

Is your child a Fortnite gamer and wanting to celebrate a grand Fortnite birthday party but you don’t have any idea what to do? You’re not alone! Many parents are searching for the best Fortnite party ideas to give their children a fun Fortnite themed birthday party.

Worry no more! We are giving you everything you need to know – from hosting a Fortnite-themed celebration to unique ideas to make your Fortnite party the best in town!

How Do You Host a Fortnight Party?

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Hosting a Fortnite party is a pretty awesome thing to do, especially if you and your buddies love to play this game, but it can be a little hard for first-timers. Here are the ways how you can host a successful Fortnite party with these fun fortnite party ideas:

  1. Invite them over. Like the usual party, invite your friends to come over and have a blast Fortnite overload party in your house. The best thing about this is you can choose whether you’ll have a bedroom Fortnite party or a backyard party, depending on the number of people coming over.
  2. A virtual Fortnite party. Social distancing is the new normal, but this should not stop you from hosting the best Fortnite party! You can host the party virtually using any meeting app or platform. Many hold virtual parties through Zoom and Google Meet today. These two are the best and most convenient meeting rooms you can use for the party. Live party events on different social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, are other options considered.

These two ways to host your party are a start for your best Fortnite party ever! Tell your buddies right away and begin the celebration.

What Do You Do at a Fortnite Party?

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Never been to a Fortnite party or never had one? You’re probably wondering what you can do at this kind of party. Here are some things you can do at a Fortnite party:

  1. Fortnite Gameplay

Of course, the first thing you can do at a Fortnite party is to play Fortnite! This is one of the key fortnite party ideas! You and your friends can sit down together and play the game. It is an epic game that will definitely make everyone hyped and active as all of your aim for victory.

  1. Fortnite Overload Meals

Eating a Fortnite-themed meal with your buddies is a once in a lifetime experience. You can customize your food or drinks based on different Fortnite items, characters, and places. Food can range from cakes to chips! There’s no limit to your creativity, so prepare the best Fortnite-inspired food and drinks for this party.

  1. Real-Life Fortnite Battle

You can host a real-life Fortnite battle in your backyard! Playing the game on your computer is great, but having the chance to be in a real Fortnite battle is way better! This fun activity is definitely the best thing to do at this kind of party.

There are a lot of things to do at a party. We’re sure that if you follow the tips in this post, you’ll never have a boring party. Try them out and experience a day full of Fortnite activities!

Fortnight Party Ideas

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Whether you’re a grownup or a kid, we all want a fun party. Hosting a Fortnite-themed party is no simple task, especially if you’re a parent who does not know about your child’s favorite game.

The following are the top 20 Fortnite party ideas we would recommend to you to help you host a fun party:

An Awesome Fortnite Birthday Cake

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A party is no party without a cake! The first thing to do is to get a customized Fortnite birthday cake.

If you want to get something extra and give your child the best Fortnite birthday cake, then you can ask your baker to include your child in the cake design. A customized figure of them together with other Fortnite characters will definitely make your child happy!

Fortnite Cupcakes

Found a baker? You can also add a Fortnite-themed cupcake to your order!

A birthday cake with colorful cupcakes on the side will complete your child’s birthday party table. You can ask your baker to put Fortnite designs such as tools, characters, or even fonts to make your child’s party buddies want them.

What’s great about adding these sweet cupcakes is that you can wrap them up as takeaway treats so that your guests could take them home after the party. Sweets are never too much for a children’s party, so include this!

Fortnite Cookies

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Cookies are great alternatives for the cupcake. If your child is a cookie lover, then it’s best to choose cookies over cupcakes.

If you’re a parent who has baking skills, you can bake your child’s cookies yourself. Make them more special as you take an effort to create these sweet pastries. We’re sure your child would be thrilled to see your baked cookies!

There are varieties of cookie shapes and designs you can choose from. You can stick with the classic round cookies and put designs from Fortnite maps to multiple characters or choose another shape. Just like cakes, cookies can be in any shape, size, and color, so be creative in choosing the design you want to use!

Fortnite Durr Burger

Did you know there’s a place in the game called Durr Burger? It’s a fast-food chain in the Battle Royale and Party Royale your Fortnite kids must have been to!

Your children and their Fortnite buddies would recognize this burger immediately. The steps are simple. The Starving Chef has made it easier for you to create this silly-faced burger at your convenience.

The burger is composed of beef patties, tomatoes, cheese, and spam! The spam will serve as the tongue of the burger. Googly eyes would complete the Durr Burger looks. You can also serve this with a side of French fries as the best complement to the burger. Oh! Don’t forget to put olives on a piece of toothpick on top of the buns.

We’re sure the children will enjoy this funny-looking delectable burger at the party. Grab your spatula and hit the pans to create the best Fortnite burger you can have!

Fortnite Pizza

There are many Fortnite food items to choose from. A Fortnite pizza is another one we want to suggest. It’s an item that allows a player to restore their health from 25 to 100 and increase their shield to 50.

The Fortnite pizza is a tomato-based pizza topped with blue mushrooms, cheese, and green bell pepper. You can ask your pizzeria to make this pizza or if you want to make it by yourself, the ingredients are accessible!

A Bowl of Fortnite Candies

Fortnite has a lot of sweet candies its players can have. This bowl will be filled with Fortnite candy corn, peppermint, hop drop, thermal taffy, and jelly bean!

Your child’s Fortnite buddies would love to grab these sweet and colorful candies. It’s another treat you can add to the birthday table or you can also pack them as takeaway treats for everyone!

It’s also possible for you to use these candies as game prizes if you plan to host games.

Fortnite Slurp Juice

Slurp Juice is an item in Fortnite that players seek for its healing and restoration powers. Adding this mystical-looking blue slurry will make this party merrier!

Some moms have used Gatorade as a convenient choice to add Slurp Juice to their kids’ party dash. These are stored in a blue cooler to keep it cold throughout the entire party.

We recommend buying blue lemonade to recreate the blue Fortnite Slurp Juice. You can either make a homemade blue lemonade using this recipe by iSaveAtoZ or buy it from Amazon.

The juice is served in a mason jar. You can buy a big glass jar with a faucet attached to it if you’re inviting many people where they can get a cup of blue lemonade. It will be more cost-effective rather than buying individual mason jars for everyone.

This will quench everyone’s thirst as you all play your favorite game at your party!

Fortnite Upgrade Bench

Looking for Fortnite table ideas for your kid’s birthday cakes and treats? We introduce you to Fortnite Upgrade Bench! This awesome item is an object found in abundance in different map locations in the game.

Its primary use is as a spot where players could upgrade their weapons. This bench can be recreated and would be great for you to use as a table where children could get food and treats to keep their energy high.

The table would require a lot of work for do-it-yourself parents, but it is worth it! Equip your party with Fortnite inspired table.

Fortnite Cozy Campfire and Tent

Planning to host a backyard Fortnite party? A Fortnite cozy campfire with a tent would be a great setup to consider.

A cozy campfire and the Tent are Fortnite items that provide healing to players found in Battle Royale. It would be great for the kids to sit around the campfire or even play inside the tent.

The campfire can be recreated using stones piled together in a circle and woods would be placed in the middle. That’s it! You can light it up and let the children sit together around a cozy campfire.

We’ve found tents with a similar design that you might want to consider purchasing, but if you have a tent at home, that’d save you money!

Fortnite Launchpad

Bounce and fly with Fortnite Launch Pad! Here’s another fun and outstanding item you can add to your kid’s birthday party. The launchpad is a trap in the game which launches players into the air.

The children would love to play on this launchpad which would make them feel that they’re in the game. You can just buy a trampoline and there you have it! A bouncy Fortnite launchpad to send your kids flying!

Fortnite Victory Crowns

Give your child the best party headwear with a Fortnite Victory Crown! If you don’t want to settle with the good old-fashioned cone hats, we recommend recreating this Fortnite item!

These victory crowns would make your child the victor of all, or you can also distribute them to other kids. Unfortunately, this crown is not available online. We’ve found some golden crowns you can buy for convenience to include in your plans.

Cults has some 3d Fortnite Victory Crown printable files that you can buy if you want to achieve the same looks like the original crown. 

Fortnite Backdrop, Balloons, and Banners

In hosting a themed party, backdrops, balloons, and banners should never be out of sight! Achieve an ultimate Fortnite birthday party with these designs that kids would love. We’re sure your invitees would love to take their pictures at your Fortnite overload birthday party.

Fortnite Loot Drop Box

Put delicious treats inside a Fortnite loot box that your child’s friends would love to carry with them after the party!

These loot drop boxes can be purchased online at a very affordable price that won’t burn your pocket. If you’re someone who would choose DIY, here’s a Fortnite drop printable you can use for free. 

A Fortnite Piñata

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Hang the iconic Fortnite llama piñata on your ceiling or in a tree, and let the kids hit for the loot inside!

This violet and blue llama is one of the most famous characters Fortnite lovers would definitely want to see at your child’s birthday party. We’ve found a Fortnite llama that you can add to your cart and choose to buy, but DIY is always open for parents who wish to create this piñata at home.

Harvest the Fortnite Gold Bars Game

Bars are Fortnite currency that players use to buy services and items from distinct characters in the game. You can host a digging game in your backyard garden if you plan to hold the party here.

The tool you can make children use would be the Fortnite Harvesting Tool, a harvesting item used in the game. The kids would love to use this tool while digging for the gold bars.

Fortnite Lightsaber

Lightsabers are one of Fortnite’s iconic melee weapons that can protect the player and damage enemies in the game. These flashy swords can be used by your kids and their friends to have a friendly lightsaber fight.  The kids would love to engage in an epic lightsaber battle at a birthday party!

Fortnite Fishing Game

Shellfish, slurp fish, zero-point floppers, rift fish, and thermal fish are just a few of Fortnite’s collections of fishes. The Fishing Game would be a fun activity for the kids, especially if you’re hosting a backyard party with a children’s pool in it.

You can download images of these Fortnite fishes and print them using sticker paper. Then, stick them to these fish toys we’ve found for you. That way, the kids would recognize these Fortnite fishes and would rush to hold their fishing rods to get them! This splashy and fun game will level up your child’s Fortnite party!

Fortnite Boom Box

Did you know that Fortnite has this cool nostalgic Boom Box? Although they are used as a throwable weapon in the game, it would be great if you play your birthday music with this music box. The kids would really love to sing and dance along with the booming Fortnite Boom Box!

Hit the Tomato Game

Another one of our best fortnite party ideas is Tomato Game. This is a fun activity for your kid’s birthday party!

In Fortnite Party Royale, a tomato is actually a throwable weapon so it would be best if you put a smiling face with a moustache in your tomato to achieve the original look of this item.

For the bow, you will be needing to use a Hawkeye’s Bow, which is a Fortnite weapon. The rule will be simple! The kids must be able to hit the tomato using this powerful bow to win a prize.

Fortnite Nerf Gun Battle

What’s better than having a real-life Fortnite battle at your kid’s party? None! Hosting an ultimate nerf gun battle with obstacles would make this celebration memorable.

Fortnite has multiple weapons ranging from shotguns to rifles. Using nerf guns can make your children feel like they’re inside the real game.

Designing a battleground is made easy by Teresa, a mother who held a Fortnite battle for her son. According to her, you can use cardboard boxes and turn them into bases with camouflage paints on them using either house paints or spray paints.

She also added that using mesh nets that you can put on a sawhorse or even over a chair or a foldable table can help achieve a bushy military setting. 

So, what do you think? Don’t you think this Fortnite battleground is the best way to celebrate your child’s Fortnite birthday party?

Fortnite Party Ideas Conclusion

Parties are one of the most memorable memories anyone could ever have, but planning for them might be a lot of work. Choosing the right design to host a party and knowing how to lead it can be stressful with zero ideas.

Our top 20 Fortnite birthday party ideas are designed to help you plan an awesome birthday celebration for your children. These suggestions will definitely make your Fortnite party the best Fortnite party in town!

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