What is a Bridal Shower?

Getting married is one of life’s major milestones, and there are many things to celebrate as the day grows near. Wondering what is a bridal shower? It is to celebrate that bride, the single life that she is leaving behind, and her future as a married woman. While it is steeped in tradition, ideas are evolving and there are many great ways to host a great bridal shower.

What is a Bridal Shower and who is the host?

what is a bridal shower

When considering what a bridal shower is, there is often questions around who hosts it. Traditionally the maid of honor will host the bridal shower. She, or in some cases he, is responsible for the guest list, venue, time, and any games or decorations. In most cases the entire bridal party will pitch in.

It should be held close to the wedding, to offer a break from the planning and stress the bride is under. Within the last few months is ideal, and gifts are often for the bride herself, rather than for the couple. At an engagement party the gifts are for both people, however the bridal shower is just for the bride.

Decorations should be light and fun but suited to the personality of the bride. Keeping it during the day can make it light and easy to plan. Food and beverages can be present, as well as space for a gift opening. The point of the shower is to shower her with affection and appreciation.

What do you do at a Bridal Shower?

Often, fun bridal shower games are one of the favorite things to do at a Bridal Shower. Games include how much each person knows about the bride, guessing which gift is from who, or sharing stories about the bride in her single days.

When selecting foods, a brunch or lunch can keep it simple. It can be a full sit-down meal with mimosas or a high tea with biscuits and assorted teas and sandwiches. Select an activity or a location that the bride enjoys, whether it is a restaurant or a backyard barbecue, as long as she can have fun and all her favorite people can be there.

In contrast to the bachelorette party, these are relaxed events for enjoying time together. Alcohol can be present, and often is, but the intent is not to get drunk. Loud parties are saved for the bachelor and bachelorette party while bridal showers are simple fun. Get back to basics and simply enjoy being together before the wedding.

Who to Invite To A Bridal Shower

When creating the guest list begin with the bridal party, her maid of honor and bridesmaids are key the success of a bridal shower. Inviting her mother and future mother-in-law is common. All her closest girl friends should try and attend, along with the women in her family such as sisters, cousins, aunts, and even grandmas. These are generally child free events; however, some have broken tradition for girls within the family and teens. More recently male friends have been added to the guest list if they are close to the bride, and this is perfectly acceptable and encouraged if it makes her happy.

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