Ways to use Baby Milestone Stickers

Are you looking for ways to use Baby Milestone Stickers? After all, those first 12 months of your Baby’s life are some of the most amazing! Your Baby is almost changing right before your eyes and each week you will see or notice something different! Plus your baby will be growing a LOT in the first year!

ways to use baby milestone stickers

Baby Milestone Stickers are a really easy way to capture those tiny milestones. And you can create something special for you and your baby to look back on.

how to use baby milestone stickers

As all Moms will tell you, the time will fly by, and before you know it the newborn that you were nervous to bring home will become a walking, giggling one-year-old.

One of the best ways to capture each of those precious moments is with Baby Milestone Stickers. All you need are your stickers and your phone or camera!

There are many ways to use Baby Milestone Stickers. We have collected a few of our favorites here. Get inspired to create the most gorgeous set of photos that you and your family will treasure forever!

Capture them sleeping

Of course, a sleeping Baby is adorable. And if you are able to settle your little one and carefully put them down, you will have a precious few minutes to get the perfect shot.

ideas for baby milestone stickers

ways to use baby milestone stickers

Baby Milestone Selfies!

Another easy way to use our stickers is a selfie with Mom or Dad. That way you get to be in the photo too! This is great for tiny babies as you can lay next to them for the photo. And for the more wriggly older bubs, you can hold them! Plus you won’t need to worry about encouraging that smile as your Baby will be right in your arms!

baby milestone stickers  how to use baby milestone stickers  how to use baby milestone stickers

Use favorite toys as props!

Include a favorite toy in the photo and watch your baby overtake the toy in size over time! This is a great way to look back and see how much your little one has changed as the weeks and months go by. We did this with a favorite teddy and the children love to look back at those photos and see how small they were against the teddy compared to now!

boy baby milestone stickers

Include a big brother or sister!

This is a great option for parents (like me) who didn’t have a set of Milestone Stickers for Baby #1, but did for Baby#2! Including big bro or sis in the pic can results in some gorgeous and hilarious family pics of all of the kids together and see how they all change as the months’ pass. Plus you get to do a double keepsake of the older child!

Baby Stickers

Themed milestone photos

Another cute option is themes. As the year passes, theme your photos to the time of year. I just love these adorable Easter Bunnies! Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the seasons all make great photo opportunities. Simply use costumes or props to set up a simple scene to depict the time of year.

Easter Baby easter baby

Keep it simple

If themes aren’t your thing, then keep it really simple. To really see the changes in your baby as each month passes you can keep it super simple with your baby on a light blanket background. A white background makes the perfect backdrop!

Milestone Stickers for Girls   baby milestone stickers  baby milestone stickers

However you choose to use them, creating memories like this is so so special. These photos will certainly be treasured for years to come.

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