Stocking Fillers for Teen Boys – fun boys Stocking Filler ideas!

One of our most loved Christmas traditions is the stocking! And kids of all ages delight in the excitement of opening it on Christmas morning! But if you have a teen boy, filling it can be trickier than when he was little. So we have put together our favorite Stocking Fillers for teen boys.

It’s a tricky phase, the teenage years. Your teenage boy is no longer a child but he’s not yet a man. Still, there is plenty of stuff he’d surely be happy to receive from you during this festive season.

What To Put In Stockings for teen boys

Something small, useful, or fun. This is the basic rule when you’re shopping for stocking fillers for teen boys. Don’t spoil him with too much chocolate, though!

Here are 10 thoughtful and cool stocking fillers for your teenage son. No, they don’t have to be blue. But they are going to make them feel truly loved and appreciated!

Best Stocking Fillers for Teen Boys

1. Socks

yoda socks

Not just any socks! They would be ecstatic to receive a cool pair of Baby Yoda Star Wars socks. You can also go for Darth Vader or Chewbacca. He’s not a fan of Star Wars? Then pick a pair of his favorite movie or brand. 

2. Game Case Holder

teen boy gifts for advent calendar

Give your boy a game case holder to organize his Nintendo cartridges or Sony game cards, and even memory cards. These pouches can hold up to 112 cards and with dual zipper closure.        

3. Airpods Case

airpods case

There are plenty of hip and cool AirPods cases in the market. Go get your young man a classic Game Boy-inspired case. Very retro!

4. Watch Bands

Whatever your teenage guy is wearing on his wrist to tell the time, he’d be happy to get a band. There are plenty of watch bands out there for his smartwatch or his traditional watch. The magnetic silicone watch band is highly recommended!

5. Money

Rolled-up dollar bills will make your boy jump with joy. Who doesn’t like receiving cash? 

6. Pocket Planner

Sure, there are countless digital apps out there. But a good ol’ traditional pocket planner will be a refreshing change for your boy. Especially if he is a planner, an organizer and enjoys writing to-do lists! It’s also a great opportunity to encourage him to plan for the coming new year!

7. Blocking Wallet

teen boys advent fillers

Small and discreet, stylish and slim— and very modern. This ultra-slim wallet fits nicely in a pocket or travel pack. It comes with a built-in RFID blocking technology that blocks electronic signals and protects your son’s identity while he travels or shops. It can fit his driver’s license, debit cards, membership cards, and more. Insert some cash in it, too!

8. Perfume Or Cologne Samples    

fillers for advent calendar for teen boys


Your boy is getting self-conscious with his presentation and image. An EDT or EDP sample that can fit inside an advent calendar pocket will delightfully surprise him. This could be his first introduction to the world of men’s fragrance.

9. LED Strip Lights

Give your teenage boy an exciting project— a bedroom makeover. Let him transform his room into a cool gaming lounge with these ultra-hip light strips.

10. Black Signet Biker Rings

Perfect for the cool teen boy! Stylish and fashionable, these stainless steel rings will make him feel like a rock star or a moody folk singer.

Stocking Fillers For Boys Final Note

A Christmas stocking is well worth the effort if you see your teenage boy’s eyes light up every time he opens his surprise gift.

Remember, 8-12 gifts is probably enough. And make some fun and some practical!

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