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What are the Benefits of Having a Miniature Christmas Village in Your Home?

Christmas is a magical season that fills the air with joy and happiness. Every year I look forward to decorating my home for this season. And every year I look forward to the Christmas traditions that we all enjoy. Recently, we discovered the joy of Christmas miniature villages in our house! If you are looking for Miniature Christmas Village ideas that will create special memories, then read on.

History of Christmas miniature villages

Miniature villages date back to the 1800s. They were created to recreate a small, working model of a town. Today, they are predominantly used as Christmas decorations. Christmas miniature villages have been around for over 100 years and it’s still unclear who first built them.

Most people believe that the first miniature village was built in 1904 by a German immigrant living in New York City named Edmund Schmid. He originally called his creation “Lilliputia.”

giant christmas miniature village
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Another famous early Christmas village was created in 1935. Ruth Page was looking for ways to promote her business of importing china figurines from England. She found inspiration from the Ritz Carlton Hotel’s holiday window display. Then she decided to create a miniature village and set up an old theatre as her backdrop.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Miniature Village

handmade houses for christmas village
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Miniature villages are beautiful! You can display them in your living room or hallway. Plus they make a great centerpiece for your Christmas decor. When you go to buy one, it is likely that you will not find exactly what you want. So, putting together your own miniature village is the best option.

Different Styles of Christmas Villages

christmas village trainset

Of course, there are a lot of different miniature villages that celebrate Christmas in a variety of ways. Some have a more modern feel, with sleek and festive architecture. While others have an old-world feel, with small cottages and snowy landscapes.

Some examples of common types of Christmas miniature villages are:

Classic European village      

european christmas village ideas


North Pole village

north pole christmas village idea

Santa Village

christmas village toyshop ideas

Ski Village

christmas village ski ideas

Trainset Village

christmas village train set

Charles Dickens Village

victorian christmas village

Classic Funfair

christmas village carousel ideas

Different Types of Christmas Miniature Villages

Christmas villages are an important part of the holiday season. They provide a little bit of nostalgia and magic that gets you into the mood for Christmas. Here are some of the different types of villages you can buy.

1) Minimalist version – Simple and classic, these pared-back villages will go with any decor and have a timeless feel.

minimalist christmas village

2) Plastic or resin models – Usually these are higher quality and more expensive, but they are also more durable so they last longer. Check out Lemax and Department 56

christmas village house

3) Wooden Christmas villages – If you want something traditional, wooden Christmas villages are for you. Plus they have fewer moving parts so they don’t get broken as easily as others.

wooden christmas village

Handmade Christmas Cottages

handmade christmas village ideas
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These cute wooden cottages are perfect for a farmhouse, cottagy feel. A more modern take on the traditional Christmas Villages, these little houses from Bespoke Quirky make a great Christmas centerpiece.

How to make a Christmas Village

how to make a tiny christmas village
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  • Firstly, find a large flat surface where you can set up the village. A good spot is at the base of your Christmas tree. Alternatively, a clear tabletop or dresser is a great idea.
  • Next make a village base. A sheet of plywood is fine. If you are planning including lighting in your village, you will want to cut several holes in the board. This will allow for cables to run through.
  • Now add your snow! You can use a Snow Blanket Roll like this one for a pretty snowly effect. Or for more fluffy snow, you can use something like this fake snow.
  • Then, create some varying levels so all your buildings have some height variety. Packing foam, books, or small boxes work great! Plus you can move them around until you are happy with how it looks.
  • Now you can add roads with Lemax cobble stone or paved roads.
  • And now you are at the best bit, setting up the village! Play around with grouping buildings together until you find a layout that works.
  • Finally add some figures to really bring your village to life.

7 Tips on How to Make a Beautiful Miniature Christmas Village

north pole christmas village DIY
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1. Add some artificial snow, glitter, and sparkles to your village.

2. Encourage young kids to play with it by adding small figures that they can act out pretend stories with.

3. Start small and add to your miniature Christmas village bit by bit.

4. Include lots of fairy lights to give a really magical feel.

5. Add lots of greenery for a festive feel.

6. Include some musical models.

7. Stick with one theme.

Miniature Christmas Village ideas Final Note

miniature christmas village ideas

Remember, the most important thing is to create a village that you love. If you take care of the models, they can be set out year after year. Plus a model village is a great memory maker for children. I still remember the models my Grandmother used to set up each holiday season.

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