halloween porch ideas

Best Halloween Door Ideas | 17 Ideas For A Halloween Porch

halloween porch ideas

Halloween is an exciting time of year! Not only do we often dress up in costumes, trick or treat, but we also decorate our homes to celebrate this occasion. Are you looking for a way to make your porch or front door stand out this year? If so, read on!  Whether looking for pretty, spooky or stylish designs, here are some spooktacular Halloween Porch Ideas and Halloween Door Ideas to inspire you!

Pretty Halloween Porch Ideas

First up, this spectacular Halloween Porch brings together all the colors of fall with a little Halloween spookiness! The wreaths and garlands add a beautiful touch of festivity while the pumpkins and spiders add the fear factor!

Classic Halloween Door Idea

This Halloween door idea is perfect for anyone but especially those who love fall!  The beautiful potted flowers, along with both the pumpkins and lanterns, make this porch look classy and welcoming.  Add a beautiful fall wreath and some chopped wood and you are ready to celebrate the harvest season.   

Bright and Fun Halloween Door Ideas

Occasionally, it is fun to do something a little different when it comes to traditions. The pink spiders and bats add some Halloween flair while the pretty colored balloons add a little sweetness to this front porch!

Rustic Idea For A Halloween Door

Another pretty Halloween porch idea includes hanging a beautiful, fall-inspired garland around your door or banisters.  Make it yourself or check out your local craft store.  A garland along with a wreathe will beautify any porch.  In addition, add pumpkins and spiders for a touch of Halloween. Our Sweet Haven

Witches Hats Halloween Door

This Halloween door is absolutely stunning with its’ colored pumpkins overflowing from a basket to the gorgeous potted flowers.  Furthermore, even the hanging witch hats add a sense of elegance to this porch.   

Grab a 12 pack of witches hats from Oriental Trading for $57.99 to get this look.

Classic Halloween Door Color Combinations

Black and orange are a great Halloween color combination and can be seen throughout the season.  This porch keeps it simple and classic with its décor! Orange and black, as well as adding some black and white items, really make this porch pop! 

Purple and Black Halloween Door

Make your Halloween door decor stand out from the crowd with a purple and black color scheme. Use purple faux foliage to add color to black bats and spiderwebs.

halloween door ideas

This porch has some creepy aspects to it but the beautiful flowers and banner make it very pretty!  A few pumpkins, coupled with the wreathe give this porch a splash of Halloween orange, giving it some extra beauty.   

Spooky Halloween Door Ideas

A spooky door is always a hit at Halloween!  This Halloween porch incorporates classic fall elements like the hay stacks and pumpkins but with nightmare inspired touches.  The skulls, skeletons as well as the Jack-O-Lanterns add some spookiness perfectly. 

This pumpkin mask will complete the look for this idea! $24.99 from Oriental Trading.

Bubbling Cauldron Halloween Door

ideas for halloween door

Another fun idea for a Halloween door with wow factor is to use a dry ice machine to create a bubbling cauldron effect. Hide the machine behind your Halloween decor and watch the trick or treaters be mesmerized!

Creepy Pumpkin Halloween Door

At a quick glance, this porch looks festive but when you look closer, there are some creepy pumpkins ready to greet you!  The different-sized planters with the hay and grass add to this porch set up, however, a few scary-looking pumpkins give it that true Halloween feel.

Skeleton Themed Halloween Doors

Basically, this porch idea screams a good ol’ traditional Halloween!  From the toothy pumpkins and skeleton, not to mention the witch’s feet and signs, this porch is frighteningly fun!  The cobwebs, in addition to the bats help tie it all together.

There are no bones about it, a skeleton adds an eerie vibe to any porch!  Place your skeleton pal on a fence or on your porch, together with some scary Jack-O-Lanterns and you have yourself a spooktacular porch!

Fun Halloween Door Ideas

Turning your Halloween door into a Mummy is not only a sure way to intrigue Trick or Treaters, but also be unique!  Use white streamers or ribbon and some large googly eyes to pull this off.  Finally, add some cobwebs and spiders for a creepier effect!

mummy front door for halloween
Susan McInnis – Table for 5 please

Ghostly Ideas for a Halloween Door

Ghouls and ghosts are very much part of Halloween, not to mention scary!  Hang some ghostly creatures, as well as black drapery around your porch for a frightening display.

Pirate Themed Halloween Door

Have visitors knees buckle with a pirate inspired Halloween Door! Skull and crossbones for example, paired with pirate skeletons, will have anyone wondering if they will have to walk the plank!   

If you like the trend of decorating a Halloween tree, then why not incorporate one into your porch decor.

Check out our feature on Halloween Trees for more fun ideas.

Stylish Halloween Door Decoration Ideas

Sometimes just a hint of Halloween is all you need to get your porch ready for Trick or Treaters!  This already elegant porch for instance added some white pumpkins, a few cute witch themed decorations and placed some simple black bats along the door. Perfect!

This color coordinated porch is pumpkin orange perfect! From the flowers to the corn stocks to the wreath, everything matches nicely.  The witch hats add just enough also for some Halloween ambiance.  

Sometimes simple is the best style!  For example, this porch has several elements of Halloween but they are nicely spread out and cute.  Adorable signage, pumpkins, together with a few witch inspired items will have your porch ready for the big night!

If you have a skeleton, feel free to dress him up in a stylish hat as this porch did!  He looks ready for a cozy Halloween night.  The bats, signage and not to mention the candy corn garland, make this porch spooky, yet stylish!

Halloween Porch Ideas Final Note

There are heaps of ways to decorate for Halloween and therefore, you can be super creative!  Also, if you have little ones, it means it doesn’t need to be scary!  Fall and festive works too.  This Halloween consider decorating more than your porch by attending a Trunk or Treat event and get inspired by one of these Trunk or Treat kits.  Additionally, try incorporating one of our Alternatives to Trick or Treating for something new or extra to do this season.  For more party idea click here.  In summary, no matter what you do, have a safe and Happy Halloween!   

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